A very Moz Halloween

A few years ago, I created a costume inspired by a Morrissey song. I was a “Hairdresser on Fire.” It was way too conceptual — and warm — to wear on the crowded dance floor in a club. Still, it was a simple, cheap, and original costume.

Morrissey and the Smiths songs are rife with titles that could easily be converted to something visual.

Some ideas:

Hairdresser on fire
– Smock with scissors, combs and other stylists’ tools
– Decorate the smock with fake flames (I used red, orange and yellow felt), my smock also had a made up hair salon
– Wear whatever you want under the smock

Vicar in a tutu
– Dress like a member of the clergy (all black with the collar)
– Tutu

The boy with the thorn in his side
– Boyish clothing
– Thorn made out of construction paper, styrofoam cone, or whatever else that works

Death of a disco dancer
– Shiny clothing
– Platforms
– Something to indicate a death (e.g., fake gunshot wound, zombie-ish makeup)

First of the gang to die
– Cholo or chola costume
– See “death of a disco dancer” above

Pretty girls make graves
– Dress girly (cute dress, cute hair, cute shows… you get the picture)
– Fake gravestones (hold the gravestone with you)

Bonus: Halloween with Morrissey (Cheekyboy remix)


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