September in photos, part 3

Adrian plays pool at Junior’s 21st birthday BBQ.

September 21: You know the budget cuts are really bad when you have signs posted in the science buildings.

September 22: Sometimes my wrist hurts and I get out the old brace.

September 23: Before the start of the fall quarter, [program I work for] holds a reception and research talk with all the new and returning students.

September 24: Oops. No photo.

September 25: I treated Adrian to a belated birthday dinner at Father’s Office.

September 26: My cousin’s boyfriend celebrated his 21st birthday. Several of us gathered at his house for a BBQ, a bit of swimming, some pool and lots of barefoot volleyball. I love hanging out with my cousins.

September 27: Dad and Danny picked almost 60 avocados from our tree in the backyard. The avocados are almost as big as my head (proof).

September 28: I’m not taking a leave of absence for the year, but do have a firm deadline and a lot of work coming up in the next few months.

September 29: I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of these multi-hued sunsets.

September 30: I forgot I had these books. They’ll come in handy as I get back to work.


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