Question of the week: Musts

I was just called out by my brother Adrian for admitting that I’ve never eaten at Pink’s.

He claims I have no excuse. I’m from LA. I live just a few miles away from La Brea and Melrose. I have transportation. I don’t have any particular dietary restrictions that would keep me from eating a hot dog. It’s an LA landmark, thus he reasons, I should have eaten there.

I shrugged.

Nunca se me ha antojado. (It’s never called to me). The line doesn’t help much either. I once waited 45 minutes in the cold for a hot dog, but that was in Chicago and for Hot Doug’s. Even Anthony Bourdain ate there.

La pregunta: Anything you haven’t done in your city that is a “must” by mainstream guidebooks or magazines?

I’m bringing back the questions. If you have suggestions for future QOTWs, let me know via email (see contact page above).


4 thoughts on “Question of the week: Musts

  1. I’ve never been to the NASA. I drive by it all the time on my way to the Half Price Bookstore or Borders. The bf has wanted to go when they have Star Wars exhibits, but I’m just not interested. Plus, I hate being with large groups of people/tourists.

  2. i’ll go with you! i’ve never been either, though i’ve never had any urge to do it either.

    i think pink’s is to LA what Cheers is to Massachusetts/Bostonians… i never been, and have no desire.

    but as a non-native Angelino, i can be your excuse to go… plus, we haven’t hung out in a while 🙂

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