Six months

If you’ve looked at my weekly photo posts, you’ll notice that there are quite a few grainy MacBook Photobooth self portraits. I wasn’t being narcissistic just for the sake of it. Instead, I was tracking the changes in my face as I lose weight*.

The photos are a nice companion of the other signs of my progress: the line graph charting my weight loss from week to week; the bags of clothes I’ve removed from my closet and given to Mamá Toni to take to Tijuana; the new clothes I’ve had to buy; my endurance and strength increasing; skin clearing up as I put healthier food in my body; and unexpected cravings (e.g., my mom’s oatmeal, calabaza).

I’m not quite at my goal yet, so the photos below are not representing before and after. It’s more like before, current and in-between. As you’ll see, they’re all focusing on my face, I’ll get around to full-length photos later.

Each row represents a different month, the photos were taken about two weeks apart (less in some cases, see dates and links below).

Links to larger versions of each photo on Flickr:
1. 011209, 2. 011909, 3. 020709, 4. 022609, 5. 031309, 6. 032009, 7. 040309, 8. 042109, 9. 050609, 10. 052009, 11. 060209, 12. 061109, 13. 070309, 14. 070909

*Earlier posts on this topic: hand-holding, el pan para la noche and reflections


8 thoughts on “Six months

  1. wow, how are you doing it. i can see the changes. i am trying to lose weight myself, but its not happening, even with the diet and exercise. i guess i just get those cravings sometimes and go crazy on the pan dulce and hamburgers.

  2. César says:

    I should share some of my healthy yet filling comida recipes. You look amazing Cindylu! Keep at it!

  3. Seanathan,
    Gracias. Now… if only I had some cool glasses too.

    I think I’ve had pan dulce twice. I still have burgers, but way less often than I did before. I’m on the Weight Watchers plan. It’s been good for someone totally new to the process. You generally know what kind of food is good for you and bad for you, but WW also stresses other things like keeping track of what you eat and how much (portion sizes!).

    Yes, please! I find most of the recipes I find online kinda boring, especially for my Chicana palette. I could use some more varieties.

    PR Mom,
    There’s a difference in my closet too. Now I really feel like I have nothing to wear… but, I do get to shop for clothes I need.

    Would it make you happy to know that I wear the banana shirt when I work out.

    Nope. I actually don’t drink much soda aside form the occasional diet coke (a habit I developed when I started going to my weekly 2-hr SFAC meetings). The Jarritos was to show the boyfriend that I saved some for him after a Puro Pedo Magazine event, they were free.

    Thanks. 😀

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