It’s mid-June already?

A friend told me to update my blog. I hope a bullet point entry is okay.

  • I was really happy to see the Lakers win their 15th NBA championship. I’m happy to see two former Bruins, Trevor Ariza and Jordan Farmar, win a championship. And of course I’m happy for the veterans like Phil “X” Jackson, Kobe Bryant and Derek Fisher (swoon!). For the record, I celebrated peacefully.
  • I finally went to my first Dodger game of the season. I tend to avoid Chavez Ravine due to the parking costs. However, during their series against the Oakland A’s (first one since the ’88 World Series), parking is free. I caught a game with my friend Alfred and his family. Now that summer is here, I plan to catch more games. There’s really no better way to spend a summer evening than at the Dodger Stadium (the Hollywood Bowl and bonfires come in a close second and are on the plans for this weekend).
  • I wrote my last letter to the UCLA Chancellor a few weeks ago. In it, I included recommendations from my committee — made up of students, staff and faculty — on how to spend a lot of money. I’m pretty sure my term as chair of that committee will be my last student leadership position. It was quite the positive experience and I’m happy I had the opportunity to serve students on that committee.
  • Speaking of being a student, I really need to get back on track. I couldn’t sleep a few nights ago as I thought of how I was going to fund my 6th year.
  • I went to MEChA’s 40th anniversary dinner and after party a few weeks ago. I got to see old friends and fellow MEChistas. The event was nice and both bittersweet. It really solidified how much things have changed since I graduated seven years ago.
  • Speaking of graduations, I celebrated my cousin’s graduations last week. The three sisters timed their graduations perfectly. Valerie graduated from 8th grade with a 4.0 GPA. Vanny graduated with her AA and is currently a student at Cal Poly Pomona (along with my sister). Nancy completed her bachelor’s in social work. I’m proud of my cousins.
  • I skipped out on the Education school graduation. I felt bad about missing the event considering some close friends who entered with me (or the year after) were graduating. Still, I think the event would have made feel worse as it would reinforce my own educational “lurch” (read Dr Seuss’ Oh, the Places You’ll Go! and feelings of being left behind.
  • Family is starting to tell me I (a) look more like my mom now and (b) look more like my sister. I think the latter is due to the fact that Lori did my makeup that evening.
  • My dad recently had knee surgery. He’s hobbling around the house on crutches, but generally doing well.
  • When I’m with the boyfriend, I feel quite lucky.

Sorry for the lack of updates lately. I used to write late at night, now I go to the gym late at night.


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