Fact or Crap: Picky Eater

Same rules as before. You determine whether they are fact or crap.

1. I dislike menudo.

2. I pick onions out of most of my food, if at all possible.

3. When I was a kid, I wouldn’t eat chorizo because I found it too spicy.


9 thoughts on “Fact or Crap: Picky Eater

  1. 1. Crap- But I can’t eat too much of it now that I know how many calories and bad it is for Latino Diabetes, which I don’t have but I don’t want to have.
    2. Crap – I LOVE ONIONS, as a baby my mom used to buy me green onions instead of teethers. She said I loved them so much and we were a migrant farm worker family so we always had cebollitas lying around the house. lol
    (imagining cebollitas lying around my house all over between the socks, etc. ja ja ja)
    3. Crap- I still can’t eat spicy food. My tongue hates it, my brain and Mexican heart love it. My toungue must be gringa, lol.
    I still eat chorizo, again, in moderation. 15 grams of fat with the cheese and everything in quesadillas. Chale!

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