Fact or Crap: Childhood Scars

Let’s play a game. I’ll post three statements and you determine whether they’re fact or crap.

1. When I was 6 years old, I got beaned in the head with an eight ball after getting caught in the crossfire of an impromptu billiards ball fight between my brother and his friend.

2. When I was 4 years old, I was having a grand old time jumping on my mom’s bed with Danny until he bumped into me. I fell and hit my head against the corner of the dresser. I had to get a few stitches for the cut on my head.

3. I broke my wrist while roller skating when I was 12 years old.


13 thoughts on “Fact or Crap: Childhood Scars

  1. I really love this idea first of all.

    and let me say that, on the surface, #1 seems like the most unlikely of the 3 scenarios… and that’s why I think it’s a fact! You’re trying to trick us into picking that as crap but I say it was real.

    #2 is certainly plausible… both my sister and I had similar incidents, but what makes me doubt the factualness is that last line, “I had to get a few stitches for the cut on my head.” I got stitches once when I was a kid. It was for a dog bite and I know the doctor put in exactly 8 stitches. I think you would remember precisely how many you got and wouldn’t use that vague “a few” description. I’m calling this one crap!

    #3 is obviously missing all the detail of the first two stories… It’s similar to #1 in that I feel you might be trying to bait us into calling “crap,” and I for one am not falling for your cunning trick Cindy Lu… I say its fact!

  2. great blog!

    as for your exercize, I say just from the process of elimination: #3 lacks the most details of names and family and is more typical. I have a feeling you have a more colorful and atypical experience growing up, so I say #3 is crap. And #1 and #2 are painful, reminiscent facts.

  3. #3 false for the same reason that Leo listed. #2 can certainly be true because:
    1) A well known children’s chant tells us so. (No more monkeys jumping on the bed)
    2) It happened to my daughter around the same time so it must be so!

    Happy Thursday!

  4. all three are FACT!
    I have a funny story about #2. My sister and I were jumping on the bed which then turned into a pillow fight. Well, we managed to break the light fixture on the ceiling. We hid under the covers waiting for mom to really give it to us. She never came into the room. So we cleaned up the mess and went to bed. Fast forward a few days later… My sister and I hear my brother getting yelled at by my mom for breaking the light! We never confessed. He always got in trouble, and he always was cruel to us, so he deserved it! ha ha ha.

  5. I’m going with false on the first one because getting hit with an eight ball would have sent you into a coma.

    I’d say true on the second incident because I can picture it happening.

    And true for the third one.

  6. Contest over. We have a winner: Lori.

    She only won because she’s my sister and remembers these things happening (or has heard the stories). Also, as she wrote above #2 involved her and Adrian and #3 was Lori.

    They all did happen, just not to me.

  7. You really suffered an eight-ball hit?! What was it like? Did you see stars? Did a lump grown on your head like when Jerry would hit Tom and a giant, boner-ish swelling would erupt from his noggin’?

  8. Alan,
    No prize. Just the satisfaction of knowing me well.

    Yes. My brother and his friend got in a fight and started throwing the balls form the pool table in our indoor patio. They broke the glass sliding door. I was hit in the head. I didn’t cry, but I sat down on the cough and nursed my bump. I don’t remember much else. I like blaming my brother for any sort of thought problems.

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