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I sat in the middle between Lori and Adrian. My brother tagged along simply for the post gym trip to Costco. Lori and I had business. She needed to start up her gym membership after letting it lapse recently and I needed to sign up. We gave our IDs to Philip so could start the process.

Adrian asked, “Can you put me down as a referrer so I get he next month free? What if you add me to Lori’s family plan. I want to pay less too.”

“No,” Philip said and explained that I couldn’t be counted as a referred because Lori was not technically new and I was being added to a pair/family plan. He was nice about it though, and joked with my siblings whom he both recognized as regulars at the gym.

A few days later I was alone and without my sibling to hold my hand through my first session at the gym. While I consider myself fairly independent and willing to do most things alone, I was intimidated by the gym and any workout that wasn’t simple jogging around the local high school track or swimming.

I called Lori for some advice.

“Um… I’m going to the gym. I don’t know what to do. Help!”

“Well, what do you want to do?”

“Cardio, I guess.”

“Okay.” She listed off a started routine: five-minute warmup; stretching; 15 minutes on the treadmill; 15 minutes on the elliptical; 15 minutes on the step machine; and 2 sets each of 15 sit-ups.

It sounded easy enough.

Once at the gym, I started off smooth and learned that I was smart enough to operate a treadmill. Everything was going fine until someone spoke to me.

“How’s your workout going?” asked the guy who had just started walking on the treadmill beside me.

“Fine. Just started.”

“I’m winding down, taking it easy now.”

I kept jogging.

A moment later, he said something, but I couldn’t hear well.


“I see you have the thickness.”

“Um… I’m trying to work on that.”

“No! That’s the way we like it.”

I smiled and made a mental note to remember my iPod.

Later, I found Lori on IM. She laughed when I told her someone hit on me during my first visit to the gym and added that it wasn’t typical.

“It was a long time before anyone spoke to me in the gym… other than the occasional ‘Are you done with that?'”

I was surprised by that considering that Lori has to practically beat the guys away with a stick. At the same time, the competitive sister in me feels a little bit triumphant. Sure, she can run a half marathon, but I got hit on during my first trip to the gym. Hah.

The nice sister in me is super appreciative of Lori’s support. I can’t wait to work out with her, even though I know I can’t keep up (at least yet). Adrian is less helpful. He just told me to read the Governator’s Bible of bodybuilding. Silly brother.


9 thoughts on “Hand-holding

  1. Wink says:

    I’m not surprised you got hit on, you are cute. Interesting and funny–who is the “we” in the “that’s the way we like it” statement?

    That’s great that you are working out, good for you. There is a running series on blogdowntown recently with fitness routines and advice, it’s really good, chkec it out.

  2. diana says:

    I just started going to the gym too! I got a family membership with my momma and my sister. It’s been pretty good. and I have/had a mini crush on my trainer =D

    that’s kind of weird that guy hit on you. I mean, i kind of get used to the gaze if I’m in the weight training area, but not in the cardio. we don’t let it keep you from going.

    wait, you never went to he wooden center?

  3. Hijole! First day and already someone is scoping you out. In reference to wink’s comment, I think the “we” was us guys. For the most part “we” prefer a little thick than too thin now-a-days.

  4. LOL, most men do not have the patience to teach or administer advice for those things they *think* we should already know or at least want to know. Thank goodness for your sister. Sounds like you had a great 1st experience though.

  5. Bea says:

    You’re not alone Cindy – Dave, Frank, Romina, Sandra, Jane and I got ourselves back into the gym routine. Dave and Sandra signed up while the rest of us dusted off our membership cards and tried to remember how to work the machines! lol Keep up the good work – don’t let anyone distract you and bring your IPOD – It’ll help!

  6. I would recommend more time stretching, like 15-20 min, before and after. If you don’t know much about stretching take a yoga class and basically do some of that.
    Stretching will help your muscles form well, heal and you will see results a lil quicker. Stretching, like yoga, makes sure everything is where it is supposed to be and working how it is supposed to be.
    In between the stairs, elliptical or any other cardio machine you should consider lifting some weights, muscles eat fat very fast and you don’t necessarily get all buff. Light weights, and lots of reps. will also be a kind of cardio. Dont take breaks, keep moving, if you have to wait for a machine keep moving, even drop down and do sit ups while waiting.
    Keeping that active will keep the horndogs at bay, at least until you are done with your workout.

  7. AJ says:

    I’m not surprised someone hit on you at the gym. I would hit on you at the gym…if I ever went to one…which I won’t, but you get the idea. 😛

  8. Wink,
    I interpreted it as an ethnic statement. The guy who hit on me was black. Thanks for the heads up about the blogdowntown series. I definitely have more reading and work to do.

    I think going with someone makes it a lot less intimidating and more enjoyable. Oh you and your mini-crushes. And no, I never worked out at Wooden. I’d do the track at Drake, but most of the time I just wanted to leave campus after work, class, meetings.

    Yeah, it might’ve just been guys. Quien sabe. I wasn’t really trying to find out. I get really weirded out when someone blatantly hits on me.

    My brother will help out. He did suggest some things before I signed up for the gym. I didn’t get hit on the second time, maybe it’s just a one-time only thing.

    Do you guys team up and go together? At least you all live sort of near each other. And I did remember the iPod. It helped!

    Oh I’m on it. But the yoga classes are soooo early and I like sleeping in. And I know I need to do some weight lifting too. I just want to make sure I am doing it right, hence help from the siblings. Adrian can help me out on my form. He knows stuff even if he just tells me to read a huge book.

    Your comments always make me smile.

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