Cindy vs. Piñata (early 80s version)

I had no problem with piñatas as a kid. I was happy to swing a bat or a stick at one in hopes of getting some candy (if I was lucky and not trampled by my older, bigger cousins).

Exhibit 1: First birthday party, 1981

Exhibit 2: Danny’s 4th birthday party, 1982

Exhibit 3: Christmas Eve festivities, 1982


6 thoughts on “Cindy vs. Piñata (early 80s version)

  1. Alan,
    I hit all my close friends with a stick!

    I think the credit must be given to the parents.

    I think it was there or at Puddingstone. I need to ask my mom.

    Have you been talking to the boyfriend? What has he told you?

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