January Project, Part 1

Danny and I before a singing competition, 1986

January 1: I got in a cleaning mood in the evening after catching a movie on HBO. I found these chocolates in a cabinet. They were left behind by a former roommate a long time ago. I made some pictures and then tossed them.

January 2: We went racing at Speed Zone. I got to race more this time around as less people were out on a cold night.

January 3: I don’t really like rings, but toy rings are okay.

January 4: I hung out with Alfred and Leo. We lamented the end of vacation over Stone beer.

January 5: Back to school/work and avoiding construction, cement mixers, and huge trucks. By the way, the men working on this building are always polite. What was that stereotype again?

January 6: My school friends skipped the rosca de reyes in favor of happy hour. It was good to catch up with friends I hadn’t seen in a while because of vacation or distance.

January 7: Leave it to Sanrio to make cute staplers.

January 8: This giant Santa gives me the creeps. It’s tough to tell, but it’s as tall as the house. I think it stays there year-round.

January 9: When I found out HP was in Taxco last November, I asked him to bring me something silver. He and a friend chose some nice pendants. I picked this one out of the three.

January 10: It was a strange Saturday night at the Mosqueda house. Everyone was home by 9:30.


4 thoughts on “January Project, Part 1

  1. I’m living in a place where good chocolate and booze are rarrreee so that second photo is breaking my heart because even if it was olldy mollldy, I probably would’ve attacked it.

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