December Project, Part 1

Wow. After five months I’m still doing this. Usually my projects don’t last so long. Enjoy.

December 1: Fog doesn’t photograph well.

December 2: I tagged this “emolu.” I wasn’t feeling emo, I just wanted a photo of (a) my roots which show a dire need for a touch-up and (b) what I look like before being kissed.

December 3: Earlier this year, I was interviewed by a campus magazine for a story about student leaders. Last week, I was photographed for the story. I had to wait 40 minutes while the photographer and his 3 assistants photographed another student and then set up my shot. The photo shoot was a little weird. They told me how to sit and tilt my head, but didn’t tell me what to do with my face. For example, I didn’t know if I was supposed to smile with teeth or without, or if I was supposed to smile at all. I just hope I don’t look like a dork.

December 4: Every year, the Bruin Bear goes in to hibernation two weeks before the USC game. The rivalry runs deep and sometimes the mascots get vandalized.

December 5: I’m trying to do most of my Christmas shopping online. Free shipping makes the process more attractive.

December 6: DB and I went on a karaoke date. He sang Sinatra and I sang rancheras. Fun.

December 7: The kid in me was sad to see so few homes decorated with Christmas lights around my neighborhood. DB and I spotted many more Prius’ than decorated homes which led me to a theory: the number of Prius’ in a neighborhood is negatively correlated with the number of homes decorated with Christmas lights. However, there were a few gems like this home in Castle Heights featuring Frosty the Snowman and his family.

December 8: I got locked out of my apartment when I left to work. After work, I took the bus home and waited at a nearby Starbucks and passed the time by reading Sherman Alexie’s Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian. It’s a great youth novel. It makes me wish he’d write more stuff for adults rather than teens. (Review at Goodreads)

December 9: I hate buying birthday cards for men.

December 10: Danny is 30 now. I’m not sure he really looks it. He might have the young look like the rest of us.


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