November Project, Part 1

November 1: After singing “Happy Birthday” to my tía Martha, we sang “Las Mañanitas.” Tío Pancho sang loud and clear for his wife of 24 years. I love how she smiles at him.

November 2: I arrived at Self Help Graphics’ annual Día de los Muertos events well after the crowds had died down. I bumped into a few friends in Galería Otra Vez and upstairs where the ofrendas and altares were set up. I think I spent more time checking out the vendors’ wares than the art gallery, but I only spent $1 for stickers.

November 3: I didn’t make up my mind on all of California’s ballot propositions until Monday evening. It usually takes me a while to go through the official voter guide and find out who backs/opposes the proposition and really get a sense of how the status quo will change.

November 4: Pochos for Obama. We were happy.

November 5: My old Girl Scouts troop leader would call this camp tacos.

November 6: I stayed on campus late for the Mariachi los Camperos de Nati Cano and Linda Ronstadt show at UCLA’s Royce Hall. After the show, I drove to the Mormon Temple a few miles south of UCLA to see if people were still protesting. Although it was well after 10, there many young people hanging out on the sidewalk. They’d cheer when drivers drove by and honked in support. The diverse crowd was loud and festive, especially when a sedan drove by bumping techno music and when the cameramen for local television news turned on their cameras.

November 7: A few members of the Puro Pedo Magazine staff handed out magazines and outreached for our upcoming art shows at MEChA de CSUN’s Día de los Muertos event. One of the writers, Tezozomoc, brought along his special effects makeup. He painted his own face and later did mine.

November 8: My family held a fundraiser dinner to help Lori meet her fundraising goal for her half marathon (more info). Lori made lots of yummy baked goods and mom and several helpers made tacos de papa, enchiladas, tamales and taquitos (plus sides). We helped Lori, but are still short. If you want to help out, check out here donation page. Lori will run the half marathon next Sunday. Wish her luck!

November 9: It was scary. I’m generally okay. The other driver is okay. We were the only two people involved.

November 10: Dad, Lori and I took my car in to the body shop at Puente Hills Toyota. Lori visited with former co-workers while I filled out forms at the body shop. I also picked up the rental car I’ll be driving while my car gets fixed (I hope).


6 thoughts on “November Project, Part 1

  1. mooch says:

    where did your family sell all that yummy food? I want tacos de papa! guess what? I’m also going to be at the pasadena marathon… but will be walking the 5k, i’m not hard core like your hermanita.

  2. Momo says:

    I went to the self-help graphics event for my first time this year. You were smart to get there late because the lines were so long; the only thing I was able to get to eat was nachos because there was no line there.

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