Instant Fun

Route #1

Step 1:
Obtain a Polaroid camera.

Step 2:
Obtain Polaroid instant film, about $30 for 20 sheets. The price of film has gone up about 50% since February when Polaroid announced it would cease production.

Step 3:
Make picture. Let photo develop. Ignore Andre 3000 and don’t shake the photo.

Step 4:
Admire fully developed photo. And weep when you realize Polaroid photos will be gone soon unless we save Polaroid.

Route #2

Step 1:
Peruse Alex’s (aka Citizen of the World Inc) blog and learn about Poladroid, an application which converts your photos to Polaroids. Oohing and aahing optional.

Step 2:
Download and install Poladroid.

Step 3:
Drag and drop a full resolution photo (best if over 1260×1260 pixels) into Poladroid application.

Step 4:
Wait while photo develops.

Step 5:
Admire Poladroid photos. Share on your blog and/or Flickr. Repeat.

Thanks: to DB for letting me photograph his SX-70 Polaroid camera and for letting me use the photos of Polaroid film and me with shades. Also, to Alex for initially blogging about my new favorite toy, Poladroid.


4 thoughts on “Instant Fun

  1. Frank says:

    Gotta love the technology “darg and drop” you digital pictures into a Polaroid frame. Next I will be downloading my mp3’s into a casette tape simulator or better yet an 8-track tape digital simulator.

  2. LOL (ja,ja,ja,ja) to Franks comment=D

    I must admit that I did “Ooohh’d & Aaaahh’d” at the notion that this new internet process exists. I think it’ very funny. I’m sure my family members that are involved with photography, will get a kick out of this and we’ll probably tryi it!

    Great Post!

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