Halloween on a Budget: Ugly Betty (love triangle version)

I rarely ask for advice on costumes. I’m pretty good at figuring it out myself. Still, I heard “you should go as Ugly Betty!” from 5 or 6 different people. I don’t get why. My hair is not long and unruly. My eyebrows are pretty normal. I don’t wear braces or glasses. I usually match and avoid clashing patterns. All that really doesn’t matter. I didn’t want to dress up as Betty — even though she’s my favorite Chicana on network TV and is a pocha just like me — because she’s just too popular. If you can buy a kit for your costume, chances are you’ll show up at a party and find your twin. One costume site I found was sold out of the Betty kit. That’s too much for me. I don’t want competition.

I’m not going to write up Betty like I’ve done with other costumes. A simple Google search will yield some pretty good how-tos or you could just watch the show (here and here).

To avoid looking like every other Betty, I’d recommend making it a group costume featuring one of Betty’s two love triangles.

Betty, Walter and Henry:

  • Betty: see links above or watch the show
  • Walter: jeans, button-down shirt and a blue big-box store vest
  • Henry: geeky glasses, sweater vest and slacks

Betty, Walter and Henry – Halloween version:

  • Betty: purple butterfly costume plus standard Betty hair, eyebrows and accessories (see The Lying, the Watch, and the Wardrobe)
  • Walter: net for catching butterflies, safari hat, fishing vest, khaki shorts and matching shirt
  • Henry: Superman t-shirt under conservative grey suit

Betty, Henry and Gio:

  • Betty: see links above or watch the show
  • Henry: geeky glasses, sweater vest and slacks
  • Gio: red apron and bright colored flyers with “Gio’s Sandwiches” and a pickle with a smiley face (see: Something Wicked this Way Comes)

If you’re in a true love triangle, the group costume could be awkward. It might be better to just get some guy friends together. Or drink lots of alcohol (responsibly, of course).


2 thoughts on “Halloween on a Budget: Ugly Betty (love triangle version)

  1. Ralph says:

    Maybe people say you should go as Ugly Betty because you know so much about her and the show you could come up with the idea of an Ugly Betty Love Triangle costume get up!

  2. Ugly Betty has been my favorite show since it aired in September of 2006, and I never grow tired of watching what happens on a regular basis. America, Eric, Vanessa, and Judith shine in their roles and make it a show that people can relate to. Everybody has a little Betty deep inside screaming to break free!!

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