October Project, Part 1

These ten days weren’t too exciting, save for the beginning of MLB playoffs. Go Dodgers!

October 1: I’d rather make birthday cards for my loved ones than buy them. I was particularly proud of the card I made for DB.

October 2: I had Ozo all Chicago-ed out since my visit during the summer. I had to put an end to that last week. He’ll be wearing Dodgers gear through the month.

October 3: I was craving a Father’s Office burger before watching last week’s How I Met Your Mother episode. I made a trip with Alfred, always down for good beer, on Friday. Of course I ordered a burger. It was amazing. The best part? The caramelized onions. Yum.

October 4: I invited my sister to hang out for a concert on Saturday and Game 4 of the NLDS on Sunday. However, plans changed and we opted instead to go to dinner and karaoke with a friend who will be leaving town for a month. We had sushi Place Yuu on Sawtelle & Olympic, a cute area with a lot of Japanese shops and restaurants. My friend thinks the place is lucky, which might be true since the Dodgers easily beat the Cubs in Game 3 of the NLDS. We celebrated the win with karaoke across the street at Max Karaoke Studio. It was Lori’s first time at karaoke. She didn’t want to sing, but her shyness quickly wore off. We teamed up to sing “Angel Baby,” “Do You Want to Know a Secret,” “I Say a Little Prayer for You,” and “We Belong Together.”

October 5: I received my Wii a few days before my birthday six weeks ago. Of course, I took the game home so that my siblings could partake in the fun (and ooh and aah with jealousy). I also set up so my party guests could play. Only the small kids seemed interested. My cousin Juan’s kids loved making their Miis. Riese, my cousin Robert’s 9-year old was impressed.

“Is this yours?” he asked while checking out the box.

“Yup,” I said.

“Cindy, you’re one lucky girl!”

October 6: I don’t back up my files often enough. Do you?

October 7: I met up with some of my favorite Muslims for a screening of Allah Made Me Funny. I carpooled to the theater with A, a friend from school I never see. On the ride over we caught up with almost a year’s worth of updates on dissertations and jobs and relationships. It was fun.

October 8: As you may know, I love Halloween. I have my costume ready and can’t wait to wear it. Really, I model it for anyone who visits. I’m usually much slower with the preparation, but not when I was set on my costume since Halloween 2007. Can you guess what I’m going to be? And no, it’s not a pimp. I’m much more original than that.

October 9: Work calms down a lot after the first week of the quarter and everyone gets settled. I had enough time to clean and organize my desk. I also got a new monitor. The old one kept flickering.

October 10: You know what sucks about having the black MacBook? All the power cords are still white, so they just look mismatched. Hmmm. What’s with this white cord supremacy? (The black USB cord is for the camera.)


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