September Project, Part 3

September 21: A few weeks ago, Danny and my cousin Ernie got curious about the last time Papá Chepe attended a Dodger game. When they found out it was over 30 years ago, they decided to plan a family trip. Our parents and uncles opted out of the game saying that it should just be the nietos with their abuelito. The Dodgers lost the game in extra innings, but that was okay. I got to spend a few hours joking around with my cousins and Papá Chepe. That’s always fun.

September 22: I like to say grad students hustle to make ends meet. One of my hustles (er, jobs), is actually a volunteer position representing graduate students on an important committee. We oversee student fees. Since I’m the chair, I have to write a lot of letters. It’s exciting. Really!

September 23: I know the fall quarter has officially started when I end up having 12 hour days on campus. It wasn’t so bad though. I stayed late for the welcome reception for [Science Program]. It was great to see the eager freshmen and weary-yet-wise sophomores. Oh, yeah, we had fruit tarts and other snacks. Yum.

September 24: I’ve been attending meetings at the same location since April. I always take the same route. I noticed this beauty shop for the first time two weeks ago. [Note: this photo was taken September 17th. I simply forgot to take a photo on the 24th.]

September 25: I switch up the pendants I wear depending on my outfit. I bought this smooth stone at the UCLA pow wow in May for a couple of dollars. It broke while I was at work. I would’ve fixed my broken heart, but I lost a piece. Oops.

September 26: Presidential debate + drinking = nerdy debauchery? Sort of. Isa invited some friends over to watch the debate. We didn’t play a particular drinking game, but afterward played Twister, Wii Sports and Mario Kart.

September 27: I hoard my quarters for laundry. I needed a lot more than this to finish washing and drying 4 weeks’ worth of dirty clothes.

September 28: The Dodgers are in the playoffs! I went to the postseason rally with Vidalia. We joined 10,000 other fans (mainly Latinos) to cheer on the Dodgers in hopes that they’ll revive the magic of the 1988 playoffs. We’re on game in and things look good. The Dodgers beat the Cubs today 7-2. They were helped by a grand slam from James Loney and homeruns from Manny Ramirez and Russell Martin. I have tickets for game 4 on Sunday (if needed). Go Dodgers!

September 29: It’s been really hot lately. Even on the Westside the highs were in the 90s. Ugh.

September 30: The freshman class for [Science Program] is the largest ever. We have about 90 students. I like meeting them, but it’s so tough to remember their names. So far, I can probably get 20% of their names correct. On the other hand, I can probably get all their email addresses correct.


4 thoughts on “September Project, Part 3

  1. Tania says:

    Hanging out with grandpa is such a treat for me. I think I might have to take mine to a game sometime.

    Are those fruit tarts from Portos? OMG!

  2. So what happenes with your tickets now? I’ve always wondered about that… Do they at least give you first shot at getting tickets for the next round?

    Of course, I’m sure you would happily make the trade off again… you get tickets for game 5 but the Dodgers win it in a sweep!

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