Quiero Ver

“So why DB?” P3000 asked.

“It’s not his initials or anything. It has to do with his smile. DB stands for _______ ___. A fellow blogger chose the name after seeing a picture* of him. It’s one of those smiles that just sparkles,” I explained.

“What? Do people with awesome smiles travel in packs or something?” he joked.

“No. Actually, I’m not used to dating someone with a better smile than mine.”

P3000 laughed. I know how it sounds (er, reads), but I mean it. I date guys who are a little different than me. Despite a few crushes, I’ve never dated a writer, blogger or graduate student. It’s just too much sameness and a bit of competition.

That goes with smiles too. I’m the one with the broad, cheesy grin. I’m the one who answers “never” when someone asks if I wore braces. I’m the one who brightens up the room and charms with a flash of my grin.

But it’s different now. I find myself humming along to Café Tacuba’s Quiero Ver and thinking of how much I miss DB’s smile, if only to brighten up more than just the room. To brighten up my mood.

*The photo she saw is my favorite. In it, he’s wearing a black suit, white shirt and black tie. He smiles broadly at the camera, as if just told he’d won some prize for his work. His smile is irresistible.


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