September Project, Part 2

Summer is officially over. I’m still in denial.

September 11: Oscar — a longtime friend and writer with The Scenestar — hooked it up and got me into Jenny Lewis’ sold out show at Spaceland. I was excited to get a pink heart-shaped balloon with Acid Tongue (the new album) printed on it. Jenny played new and old songs. After the show, Oscar showed me where to get good tacos in Eagle Rock.

September 12: I drove out to Las Vegas last weekend to volunteer with the Obama campaign. I joined a group of ~25 Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders (AAPIs) from LA. The trip was coordinated by my good friend, Oiyan. I may not be checking FiveThirtyEight several times a day for polling news, but I do know that Nevada is a battleground state. Thus, I didn’t hesitate when she asked me go on the trip.

September 13: While the other volunteers targeted Asian grocery stores and community festivals, Andres Useche (the singer in the Si Se Puede Cambiar video) and I teamed up to target Latinos in a different area of Las Vegas.

We were sent out register voters in the middle of the day. Ugh. Going door to door in 100 degree weather is not fun. After lunch, we stuck around the office to to catch Governor Bill Richardson’s visit. He’s a funny guy. Afterwards, we set out to persuade undecided voters to choose Obama.

September 14: After dinner at a local Obama supporter’s home, the group headed out to the Strip. You didn’t think we’d only do work while in Las Vegas, did you? I steered clear of the roulette tables, but couldn’t pass up a margarita at Napoleon’s in Paris. It was so necessary.

September 15: This dog with a human mask (details) is easily my favorite piece in the Art of Ancient Americas collection. I spent my fourth visit to LACMA (in as many months) visiting the Latin American Art: Ancient to Contemporary and Los Angelenos/Chicano Painters of L.A. collections. I also rushed through the Broad Contemporary Art collection to show Alfred some of my favorites.

September 16: Gustavo Arellano — of Ask A Mexican notoriety — has a new book out. I picked up a copy of Orange County: A Personal History and checked out his reading at a Borders store in Pico Rivera. It was cool to see Gustavo introduce his mom, grandmother and siblings. Thanks to Pachuco 3000 for the ride, dinner and just listening.

September 17: Adrian’s 23rd birthday was low key. You can’t really do much in the middle of the week. We had a rushed lunch together before he ran off to his new job at a local school. After he got home from work, the family plus a couple of friends got together for pizza, chicken and mojos at Shakey’s.

September 18: I wondered if I was too old to wear a headband with a pink bow. Isa said I looked like a modern Snow White. Another friend said I look like I’m reverse aging. Maybe I should avoid bows.

September 19: Several of the folks from the Las Vegas trip got together for a mini-reunion over Korean food and karaoke. I sang a lot that night (I’m a bit of a mic hog). My throat felt a bit sore afterward.

September 20: I went to Hollywood Bowl with David for Beck and Spoon (we missed MGMT). David just moved her from Texas, and this was his first visit to the Hollywood Bowl. I’m glad he caught a good show, if even if Spoon made him miss home. Beck — my favorite guero — played a mix of his older hits as well as songs from recent/new albums. He was backed up by the Hollywood Bowl strings (conducted by his father) for a few songs.

Note: I accidentally deleted the first version of this post. That means I lost the comments too. Sorry.


5 thoughts on “September Project, Part 2

  1. Bless your heart for going to Vegas in that heat. I made a trip for John Kerry in ’04. 🙂

    It looks like you have had a busy month, and hanging with the likes of Gustavo A and Bill Richardson, wow! ¡Que suave! CindyLu moves in “elite” circles, as HispanicPundit would say.

    May your October be as exciting my dear.

  2. How do you do it all? I think I need better time management skills. The karaoke looks fun. Have you been to karaoke in Little Tokyo? Let’s go sometime!

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