Got leftovers? Make burritos!

Chicken burritos

After my birthday party on Sunday, there was plenty of carne asada, al pastor, and chicken fajitas left to make tacos and burritos. After lunch, Mom took it upon herself to make several burritos — the OG portable meal. My family loves burritos. Wrap anything up in a tortilla. We’ll eat it. But it has to be in a tortilla. If it’s in Tupperware, it’ll go bad because my busy family can’t stop long enough to heat up some rice, beans, meat and a tortilla. It’s not that we’re lazy — we are, but not always — it’s just a lot more difficult when we don’t have a functional kitchen. But once everything is wrapped up in a neat and portable burrito, no one will go hungry and complain to my mom, “there’s nothing to eat!”

I took some photos of my mom (after the jump) in the process of making the burritos above. As you can see, they’re not the monstrous/gluttonous variety. But they’re still yummy.

How to Make a Burrito

Step 1: heat up a flour tortilla and your choice of ingredients. We kept it simple with rice, beans and chicken.

Step 1: add beans. The beans here are smashed into a nice paste, perfect for sticking to rice, meat and other ingredients.

Step 2: add some meat (if you’re a carnivore). Mom added chicken fajitas. She also made several carne asada burritos.

Step 3: add some rice. Smiles are optional.

Step 4: add your choice of garnishes. For these burritos we didn’t add any salsa, cheese, sour cream, onions or cilantro. My family can be picky, so my mom left them pretty plain allowing each customer to customize as he/she would like.

Step 6: fold your burrito. If it’s not over-stuffed, it should be pretty easy to fold the tips on the long end over the filling so nothing falls out. Then hold the other sides.

Step 7: enjoy.


10 thoughts on “Got leftovers? Make burritos!

  1. ja! you got your mom to pose. i personally prefer to have two home made burritos then a giant restaurant burrito. cool. happy birthday!

  2. Amy,
    I can add it to the food section.

    I think she’d appreciate that comment.

    I’ll look in to shipping them over.

    I hate looking at blogs with food when I’m hungry.

    Nope. I’ve heard of it tho. But I’m not too big of a fan of peanut butter.

    Yeah, she was having a good day.

    I didn’t have her pose. She was the one who wanted me to take pictures.

    I think you and my brother would get along. He looooves burritos. I think he probably ate the majority of those above.

  3. niiiiiice. much obliged for the artful step by step.
    (love passing thru your neighborhood here. we were neighbors on the panel at the unity convention. all bless. e)

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