My sister, the do-gooder

Lori: guess what, did I tell you I signed up for a marathon?

Me: really?

Lori: yeah, the Pasadena Marathon.

Me: huh? There’s a Pasadena Marathon?

Lori: it’s new.

Me: oh. So you’re gonna run a marathon? You’ll be the first Mosqueda since tío Johnny. Cool!

Lori: yeah, I’ve been wanting to do it since I saw the pictures of tío Johnny crossing the finish line in the LA Marathon years ago. He can’t run anymore, but I can.

Me: [sad face] I know.

Lori: I started training today, we just ran a little mile. The next Saturdays we’ll run more.

Me: when is it?

Lori: in November. Will you go and cheer for me on the route?

Me: of course! I’ll make a sign saying, “Run, GP! Run!”

Lori: yay!

Me: are you doing it on your own?

Lori: no, my friend and I signed up with the American Stroke Association. I have to fundraise.

Me: you should have no problem with that, you know lots of people. I’m sure all the people you bake cookies and cakes for owe you a buck or two.

Lori: I hope.

Me: I’m proud of you. You’re such a do-gooder. First you cut off your hair for sick kids, now this.


4 thoughts on “My sister, the do-gooder

  1. Letty says:

    this experience is going to be awesome for your hermanita! keep us posted on her training and maybe a link to fundraising site!

  2. its me the lil sister says:

    hey cool i got a another donation but i have no clue who its from… “mooch monkey”… i remember mooch the monkey i have at home that ur friend drew a pic oh while we were in atlanta but i dont think its him… any ideas??? vanny my cuz???? i dunno but either way i’m totally stoked! 🙂 yay my friend n i will keep taking pics of our team n runs so we can keep u posted too.

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