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Concert buddy search revisited

No one (in LA) applied to be my concert buddy.

I’d be sad about it if (a) I was still looking for dates for the concerts I’ll be attending later this summer and (b) Sean had not submitted three mix cd’s over the span of a few months. Of course, Sean can’t be my concert buddy since he lives a few thousand miles away. I’m okay with that because whenever I find the padded envelopes in my mailbox after a long and/or crappy day, I know I’ll be treated to several great songs and a clever cover.

I’m set for most concerts this summer, but still can use a buddy for a few shows. List after the jump.

This is just the ticketed stuff. I’m sure I’ll hit up free shows at the Santa Monica Pier and California Plaza too.

June 21 // Hollywood Bowl, with Dad
Mariachi USA Festival

June 22 // Hollywood Bowl, with Anónimo
Thievery Corporation with Seu Jorge
(Special guest: Perry Farrell)
Bebel Gilberto
Los Amigos Invisibles
Federico Aubele

June 23 // Nokia Theater, with Lucero
Death Cab for Cutie
Rogue Wave

June 27 // California Plaza
Very Be Careful

July 7 // Hollywood Bowl, with Anónimo
Stevie Wonder (!!!)

July 17 (or 19) // Alex’s Bar (or the Knitting Factory)
Girl in a Coma

July 20 // Hollywood Bowl, with David H.
Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings

August 3 // Hollywood Bowl
Reggae Night, UB 40
Beres Hammond
Barrington Levy

August 22 // Greek Theatre
Café Tacuba (no summer is complete with out los Tacubos)

September 20 // Hollywood Bowl, with David H.

September 21 // Hollywood Bowl
Michael Franti & Spearhead
Lila Downs
Nortec Collective presents Bostich + Fussible


16 thoughts on “Concert buddy search revisited

  1. César says:

    How lucky you are that you get a chance to see all this great music! Maybe in the future, we can join you at a show in L.A. … I mean we’re basically going to be neighbors, no?

  2. I’m glad you like my long-distance CD interviews for concert buddy.

    I would love to go to most of those shows. i wish i could afford a flight out to LA.

  3. Gustavo Arellano says:

    Anónimo, eh? Do we have another Ojitos in the works???

    The fact no one in LA volunteered to be your concert buddy is an outrage? Forget the fading Eastside murals, LA Chicanos: help Cindy!

  4. I’d love to go to the September 21 show with you. Have been wanting to see Lila Downs for a while. And Ozomatli always works. Let me know!

  5. cris says:

    concert buddy! what a great idea. i too often miss out on shows that i’m interested in because i don’t know many people who are into the same music.

    anyway, if you still need a concert buddy, let me know!

  6. cris says:

    oh, almost forgot… check out my muxtapes. (a reggae mix) (a sampling of stuff i’ve been listening to lately)

  7. someone very lucky is going to see Ozomatli and Lila Downs, and all the rest. i wish they would all come to San Jose.

  8. César,
    Yes! When we’re neighbors, it would be awesome if you and your wife could make a trip and we could all go dance crazy-like.

    Dude, if you lived in LA I don’t think I’d probably never even have thought to make a concert buddy application.

    I hope not! That other experience didn’t turn out so great.

    I think that could work. I’ve never seen Lila Downs. I’m excited about that show!

    PR Mom,
    Aw, maybe you can make it out to one of the free show with la familia. And bring PR Nina!

    Ooh! I’ve been trying to learn more about reggae lately, so I’m glad you made that muxtape. I think we might have some overlap in taste judging by the naco muxtape. We could definitely do some shows.

    Yeah, that Ozomatli/Lila Downs show is gonna be tight! I’ve seen Ozomatli plenty of times, but not in a few years. They’re always awesome. And Lila Downs = eek!

  9. I’m kind of embarrassed that all L.A. can muster in the world of mariachi is Mariachi USA. L.A. is home to Mariachi Los Camperos & Sol de México, two of the best mariachis in the world. I’m amazed that L.A. still doesn’t have a mariachi conference. Once L.A. Live is done, however, there will be more…

  10. I don’t see Sigur Ros, Radiohead, or Sunset Junction on that list. I should have checked the list on your page instead of finding out that you got my text late at Thievery Corporation. Beck & Feist might be in my future! KIT

  11. jennifer says:

    I need your help. I’m trying to remember the name of a group that was big in 1996/1995-ish. They rapped and their big hit sampled mariachi in the chorus. I can’t remember the name of the song/group for the life of me.

  12. jennifer says:

    After much searching I found them! It was Delinquent Habits.

    I’m so glad I found it – I loved this song in high school 🙂

  13. Oh dang, I owe you a mixtape/CD! I have a good excuse though, I silkscreen my CD covers by hand and I just recently got back my screen. So I’ll get it out to you soon!
    Thanks again for hanging out with us after the taco madness. It was really fun! 🙂

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