Blogging like it’s 1998

June 17, 1998

This week’s been busy. I thought things would calm down after finals last week.


In the morning, I had graduation rehearsal. It still really hasn’t settled in that on Thursday I’ll be graduating and done with Wilson forever.

I went with mom and dad to the senior awards assembly at Wilson. This year, the awards assembly was held in the afternoon rather than the morning. The rest of the student body didn’t have to sit in the gym for a couple of hours and learn about the accomplishments of a select group of seniors. I won’t lie. It was boring to learn that So-And-So was going to UCLA and Fulana got a scholarship to USC. I didn’t even know many of the people mentioned until last year when I knew a lot of graduating seniors.


Tricia’s mom gave us a ride to the senior breakfast at Knott’s. We had breakfast and watched a hypnotist make fools of six or so students. The whole room burst out laughing when Jess (I’ve known her as Jessica since kindergarten, but I think she dropped the “ica” when we got to high school) told the whole senior class that she was sculpting Mike W. Everyone laughed. Mike turned red. Luckily his girlfriend — since junior high! — is a junior and wasn’t at the breakfast. Jess looked really surprised and embarrassed when she woke up and her friends told her what she said. I don’t think she could have faked that. Maybe she really was hypnotized.

After the breakfast we (Tricia, Janine, Brian, Adriana, and me) stayed at Knott’s for a while. There’s hardly ever any lines for the rides, especially in the middle of the week.

Rest of the week after the jump…


I went to Lori’s graduation from Cedarlane today. It’s funny. Just as I’m leaving high school, she’ll be entering Wilson.

She made a speech since she’s part of ASB. I said something about the speech and the way she and the co-president of ASB split responsibilities. Lori took it negatively. She takes a lot of things that way, but maybe I should just shut my mouth. I mean, she already has to deal with my high school graduation and going off to UCLA overshadowing her middle school graduation. And then in four years I’ll graduate college and that will overshadow her high school graduation. It’s not my fault we were born almost 4 years apart.


Graduation tomorrow…

It shouldn’t be so weird. I’ve gone to every Wilson graduation the last three years. The band has to play Pomp & Circumstance, the National Anthem and some other songs.

I won’t get to sit with my close friends or even the other M students. I have to sit in the first row with the other district scholars (the kids who had a 3.8 or above all 8 semesters). I’ll be one of like 3 or 4 non-Asian kids in the first row of district scholars. I should be used to that by now, but not really.

After graduation, everyone I invited to the ceremony (parents and siblings, tío Chuy’s family, tía Martha’s family, our neighbors Adriana and Elizabeth, and George and Adam) will come over for dinner. I’ll eat quick and then rush off to Grad Night at Disneyland. I hope my friends don’t get all annoyed with each other… they’ve been doing that a lot lately.


I’m gonna rest! When I finally wake after Grad Night, I’ll get to pick up my diploma.

And that’s it.

Well not really. I’ll have to start thinking of getting ready for the Freshman Summer Program at UCLA (starts in August) and making sure all of my stuff for housing and financial aid is in order.

I can’t wait.

Listening to: “Oye Mi Amor” by Maná, “Today” by Smashing Pumpkins, “Just A Girl” by No Doubt, “Lamento Boliviano” by Enanitos Verdes and “Santería” by Sublime


6 thoughts on “Blogging like it’s 1998

  1. damn, you remember your whole graduation week better than i remember mine, which was in 04!

    i just remember the day we graduated, we played basketball till 2am in my friends back yard.

  2. I can’t even remember last week, let alone a high school graduation.

    Kudos to you tho… You smarty pants!

  3. Ditto on the song choices…I happen to LOVE all of those songs! And, that’s quite a feat, especially for a hip-hop head like me :o)

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