Question of the week: Jury Duty

I just got through eight days of serving on a jury — my first time!

La Pregunta: How do you feel about jury duty? Have you ever served on a jury? What was your experience like?


16 thoughts on “Question of the week: Jury Duty

  1. Never served. Get in the box every tiime and then I get thrown off. I’ve now been thrown out in NYC, LA Criminal, and Beverly Hills courthouses. I’m a big advocate of doing it and glad you did your part, plus I HATE when people say, “Only people who are too dumb to figure out a way out of it ever show up.” My response, to these people (often lawyers), “If you’re so smart jackass, why couldn’t you figure out how to keep them from convicting your client?”

  2. I’m convinced that if they guaranteed that I’d do jury duty within the first year of becoming a citizen that I would have gone through the naturalization process ages ago. I would love to do jury duty, even if it was for some tedious case. For much of my childhood I swore up and down that I was going to be a lawyer, which explains my interest in the process; life, however, had other plans. Still though, definitely want to experience it at some point.

  3. I hate it. I have served on a jury 3 times. I cringe when they ask what my profession is. I just know that when they hear “2nd grade teacher” that they think “that is the objective one!” i thought that saying that my brother was a criminal defense attorney in town would get me off but no such luck!!!

    Every jury i served on had a handful of idiots. Their idea of justice was scary to me. If I wasn’t already a law abiding citizen prior to serving on a jury, that would have made me one. I certainly would not have wanted to be judged by that jury of my peers! YIKES!

  4. I sense a jury summons coming my way soon. It seems to be making its rounds around those around me. I don’t mind it. As long as I don’t get on a super long case or something. It would be nice to get a break from my long commute.

  5. i have never served, and i am not going to. i just can’t judge another person in this f***ed system. although a person might be guilty of a crime, i don’t agree with the way people are punished for it. anyhow, i hope you don’t feel too guilty, but really, how do you feel?

  6. fabian says:

    Called to serve once and was promptly removed from the pool when I told them I was a law student doing reentry work. The State charged a male in his late 20s with attempted murder in Beverly Hills.

    In terms of how I feel about jury duty: it must be done with the only possible dismissal from it if the employer does not pay for jury duty or if there are extenuating circumstances (such as the person being the only caregiver, etc.). For me, there should really be no other way out of jury duty (i.e., I don’t approve of the death penalty, I am racist, etc.). See 12 Angry Men. Surprisingly, this one of the few things I really don’t see myself budging on.

  7. I would like to serve, and I never have been asked. I just want to experience it once, and I think that I would be a great juror because I pay attention to detail.

  8. My sister, a pre-k teacher, is sitting on a jury right now. When it’s done, boy are there stories.

    I’ve been considered for jury duty before but with my history as am activist and my dad being a lawyer in the same area where I get called, I am never actually put on a jury. The last summon I got was when Miss Poroto was 6 months old and I was breastfeeding so I didn’t go.

  9. resee says:

    I have never been on jury duty, but I don’t think I’d get my panties in a bunch if I were ever selected. $20 a day AND I get paid at work? That sounds nice to me 😀

  10. I have never served nor been served on a jury. But I am pretty sure that five days is the longest you’ve gone without posting for months now. All well?

  11. Maria Little says:

    I just finished serving for my first time. The process is imperfect to say the least. People like to hear themserlves talk and they talk about all the irrelevant crap. It was torture, and I am depressed.

  12. I’ve always managed to get out of it. Whether it was mid-terms, finals and now six chil’rens to care for…they don’t want me. 🙂

  13. Holly says:

    I served on one jury this past April (criminal) and one about 14 years ago (civil). Neither of the cases were particularly exciting, but what is is being part of the process. We had to acquit the defendant (the charges weren’t toooo serious) on his two charges based on lack of evidence. It was the proscecuter’s first case and he didn’t build a very good one.

    What struck me as odd was that the majority of the jury really thought the guy was likely a victim of circumstance. I didn’t buy his BS story for a second. After we found him not guilty, the judge came out and talked with us. He said we did the best we could with the evidence presented, but he alluded to the defendant having been guilty.

    It’s a fascinating process and I’m always honored to take part (and get out of work)!

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