Tuesday afternoon

While I was out this afternoon, I stopped by my favorite café on the Westside, The Spot, to get a quick pick me up after a long day. Aside from the drinks and free wi-fi, I like the Spot because the owner is friendly and always notices when I haven’t stopped by in a while. And I like being missed. I ordered my usual, a chai latté, to go.

Once back in the car, I turned on the radio and listened intently as NPR’s All Things Considered reported on Barack Obama winning the North Carolina primary. I smiled and hoped that he’d have a good showing in Indiana.

A few minutes later, I was in downtown Culver City. Traffic slowed down because of the farmer’s market on Main Street. I briefly thought about shopping for fruit and veggies there, but opted against it because I was still wearing my yet-to-be broken in brown flats. I drove on to the next block where I parked at Trader Joe’s.

While shopping in Trader Joe’s for organic strawberries, tomatoes, carrots, bananas and other necessities I listened to a podcast of one of my favorite episodes of This American Life on my iPod. I’ve listened to the What I Learned from Television episode at least four times. Twice this week.

I left Trader Joe’s with two brown paper bags (I always forget my canvas tote when I go grocery shopping) full of groceries and headed home.

When I got home, I turned on my trusty MacBook. I checked my email and sent out announcements about the mujer issue of Puro Pedo Magazine.

What does this say about me?


18 thoughts on “Tuesday afternoon

  1. This says that you are like me… an overeducated latte sipping, NPR listening Obama supporter… you elitist you!

    You even have a MAC book! 🙂

  2. savetheobama4yamama says:

    Well Cindy, I don’t know what all these activities say about you, but your picture says you are totally FINE!

    If I saw you at Trader Joe’s, I’d mad flirt with you..I’d be like, “Hey girl, take those pods out of your ears and come TALK to me, tell me what’s UP, standing there looking all cute with all those organic strawberries and your groovy new chanclas, they’ll be broken in real quick with all the running you’re gonna be doing through my mind!” I would be like “How about let’s you and me go have a nice cafesito.” And then I’d take you over to the coffee sample table and hook you UP! because I may be poor but you got to work with what you got! :-*

  3. it says that you my dear friend, just happen to have some white people tendencies, I WONT JUDGE YOU THO! lol.

  4. Momo says:

    This says you like many of the things I like, except I don’t have a MacBook. I blame UCLA and years spent living on the Westside for turning me on to many of the stuff white people like on stuffwhitepeoplelike. It’s okay though, because writing for Puro Pedo brings the Latina-ness forward and balances you out 😉

  5. lo says:

    hmm…have you taken your carbon footprint lately?

    I think it says you need more public transportation in your commute, as well as local and sustainably sourced food! j/k

  6. diana says:

    Hey Cindy!
    It says that we have a lot in common. Who cares if we like the stuff white people do. My excuse is, and forever will be “i’m from santa barbara.” what can I say. I still haven’t gotten around to listening to that episode of TAL, did you listen to Latino USA, why am I asking, you probably did. Either way, it was nice listening to positive comments about MEChA.

    Awsome job on the PP mag! hmm, i really liked the ‘how do you know if you’re dating a pendejo.’ I’m sure you saved yourself with the disclaimer. =) I also liked a lot of the articles, but i don’t want to name them all. You all are so cool!


  7. It is funny how some see liking lattes, listening to NPR, etc. as things that white people like, when I see them more as class characteristics… and even at that rather weak ones. There are fancy coffee shops all over the place now, including Starbucks shops in places like Baldwin Park and Huntington Park.

    I have met many Latinos, Chicanos, blacks, and Asians who are very comfortable shopping at Trader Joes, Bristol Farms, spending hours in a coffee shop, and listening to NPR.

    So when the media tries to suggest that these activities are elitist or something, I just want to laugh… because that hasn’t been my experience.

  8. I gree with adriana’s comment:

    “It is funny how some see liking lattes, listening to NPR, etc. as things that white people like, when I see them more as class characteristics… and even at that rather weak ones.”


    its much cheaper for me to shop at trader joe’s than the other local grocery store… ralph’s.
    i would NOT lump in trader joe’s and bristol farms in the same category. bristol farms is very expensive.

  9. Urban, maybe you are right about Bristol Farms… 🙂 It isn’t a place that I frequent often, but when I am in there, I feel completely at ease.

    TJ’s has great prices… maybe the wine and cheese selection gives people the vibe that it is a snooty kind of place.

  10. i always forget my canvas bags at trader joe’s too! i’m like you–i wake up to NPR in the morning and spend too many hours in coffeeshops with my ipod. ah, to be part of the chicana/o middle-class without a middle-class income! well, i have a grad student income, but i still like the stuff.

  11. i think the fact that you mention all of these yuppie cool yet uber lame to the realest of your citizen of the world breathren “events” as if checking off your “look at how interesting i am” checklist doesn’t do the cindylu i enjoy reading justice. i hate buzzwords like chai latte, npr, organic, etc. we all use the superficial world to create an identity and that’s fine. the blogosphere is the perfect place to put that shit on blast if you will, it just makes one seem transparent when one becomes a parady of oneself.

    in sum, you’re too dope for checklists.

  12. Adriana,
    I don’t think I’m over-educated, but you may be right on that elitist tip 😀

    I know! I’m glad it was recognized. I like a lot of stuff on that blog. When I first checked it out, I had a mini identity crisis, but got over it soon enough. Hah.

    Does this means I’m white? *frowns*

    I guess this town isn’t *as* big as it seems.

    Hah! Dude, you’d need to come up with some better lines to get anywhere…

    Thanks, friend. Good to know.

    Yup. I definitely know a lot of that is related to my education and residence.

    It’s been a while since I’ve taken my carbon footprint 😛

    This day I didn’t use public transportation because I wasn’t going/coming from campus. If I had been on my way home from work/school, the bus woulda been part of my commute.

    No coffee! I don’t drink much of that stuff. I prefer tea, chocolate or the chai lattés.

    Of course we have a lot in common. That’s ’cause you’re super cool. And yeah, I did listen to that episode of Latino USA…. sigh. You know the story there. Oh! and glad you liked the new PP. Even if that disclaimer was in there, I know a certain person felt he was targeted. Hah.

    Urban Memo,
    Yes! TJ’s is more affordable than Vons or Albertsons which are both nearby. Plus, I like some of their products more. Of course this stuff isn’t necessarily “white” or even “middle class,” I’m not either one.

    La Rebelde,
    I think I’m just gonna leave the bags in my car from now on. That’s what my mom does. I think this Chican@ middle class thing is something I’ll need to explore in a future post.

    It’s just a parody of a parody. Of course I’m too cool for checklists. 😀

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