Los Angeles, Política

Happy May Day!

Lion dancing

I celebrated May Day with thousands of other marchers in MacArthur Park and Downtown LA. The organizers of the march called for an end to the deportation raids (or redadas), legalization and a path to citizenship for all undocumented immigrants and dignitity and peace for all workers.

The march was fun and festive like the last immigrants’ rights march I attended in 2006, A Day Without an Immigrant/Un Día Sin Inmigrante. I went alone, but knew I’d find someone I knew. I did. Almost as soon as I caught up to the march (I was a little late because it’s tough to find parking in MacArthur Park), I ran in to some friends from school. They were lion dancing and playing drums and cymbals.

Sadly, I had to leave around 3:30 to make it back to campus in time for a meeting. I missed the rest of the march and rally. Anyone want to fill me in?

For a slide show of march photos, click on the image above.


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