Question of the week: Has anyone ever told you…

“Here, read this. It’s what I was talking about at the conference in Austin,” I said as I handed the latest copy of Puro Pedo Magazine to my cousin, Vero.

“Oh, I’ve seen this online, when you send it out on MySpace,” she said and then started flipping through the magazine. I’d caught her in a rare moment when she didn’t have the baby in her hands.

I pointed out some things to her as she read. “I wrote that article. And I’m in that picture, see.”

She nodded.

“Who is this?” Vero asked. She was on the page with Rio’s Valentine’s Day cards. “Is that your dad?”

“No,” I giggled. “That’s César Chávez, the guy who started the farm workers union.”

“Oh. Wow. Your dad looks like him,” she mused.

“Yeah, he gets that a lot,” I said.

La Pregunta: Is there a famous person you’re often told you resemble?


20 thoughts on “Question of the week: Has anyone ever told you…

  1. Wow, he really does look like Cesar Chavez.

    I don’t resemble anyone famous, but I have a second cousin who looks a lot like Penelope Cruz, lucky girl.

  2. In thinner moments, when ER was pretty new, I got that I look like Juliana Marguiles on several occasions. I think it was because of the pale skin and the curls. Otherwise, I couldn’t really see it myself.

  3. Oh wow! Yes, I can see the resemblance!

    I’ve been told I look like different people.
    And I think I absolutey DO NOT!

    I’ve gotten:

    Sophia Loren. (WTF!? She’s like 80!) hahaha! But they say I look like her from her youngin’ days. Whatever…

    Claire Danes. The way she looked in Romeo and Juliet? Ummm… maybe? I dunno.

    Sandra Bullock: Nope! Not AT ALL! haha

    And last but not least. My mother thinks I resemble Daniela Castro. She says my gestures. I dunno?

    Sepa. But yeah, I’ve gotten those. Funny, huh? haha

  4. Momo says:

    Like Patricia said “in thinner days” I was sometimes told I looked like the character Willow from the tv series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. A couple of times I was told I looked like Jennifer Love Hewitt. Those days, however, are long, long gone. Now I just get called “Señora.” It’s amazing what a difference 20 lbs makes!

  5. They really do look alike!
    I was recently told that I look like Jessica Alba–because of our similar indigenous cheekbones. I think it was supposed to be a pick-up line. I just thought it was weird.

  6. Ay, por ay, someone said I looked like some dude from CSI Miami? I’ve also gotten Chayanne, when I’ve had short hair and not scruffy faced. I’ve gotten Chris Tucker after I get a tan (WTF?), and when I had longer, curly hair, that guy Adrian Granier, from Entourage. I don’t think I look like anyone of these people, Cindylu, what do you think?

  7. Gustavo Arellano says:

    I always get Mar Anthony, which I find completely insulting since I think he’s hideous. But more often than not, people think I’m Filipino.

  8. Veronica says:

    I have been told I look like Callie Torres ( real name Sara Ramirez) from Gray’s Anatomy….. I just dont see it though….I thinks she is way prettier….lol

  9. When I was about 15 years younger and ?? lbs thinner I was told that I looked like Teri Hatcher when she was in the Superman tv show. (Was it called Superman?) Anyway, Teri has aged well and that resemblance is now gone! I just did that myheritage thing where they tell you what celebrity you look like and Britney Spears was one of my matches. WTF?

  10. My Dad has been mistaken for the chubby, sunglasses, goatee guy from Los Lobos. Once while at a Los Lobos concert in Santa Barbara we were standing in the lobby and someone came up to my Dad and told him that they were getting ready to go on and needed to be back stage soon!! haha

  11. Adriana,
    I have a second cousin who resembles Julieta Venegas, but she’s prettier.

    Juliana Marguiles has great hair.

    I don’t see Claire Danes. Maybe your classic beauty conjures up images of a young Sophia Loren. That can’t be bad. And Sandra Bullock? What?

    But you’d never eat a torta de jamón. How silly.

    Desert Chicano,
    The Mexican Version of X is another twist on the celebrity look alike. Maybe it’s the pelón look?

    Willow/Allison Hannigan is cute! I’d kick anyone who called me señora.

    Yeah, it’s funny. I think my dad would look more like him if he lost some weight. I don’t think I’d like to be compared to Jessica Alba. That comment would be weird.

    Old guys say funny things. At least he compared you to someone who is good looking and can act. But that dude has grey on his goatee.

    The first time I read this, I thought that you meant you used to look like ET. Come on, man. We’re not aliens to this land! I kid.

    Why the frown? Were you wearing your ruby red slippers that day and popping pills? Hanging out with munchkins?

    I didn’t see the Delko/CSI Miami resemblance Desert Chicano mentioned. Chayanne? I don’t even remembers what he looks like. I don’t think you look like Adrian Grenier or Chris Tucker. Those folks need glasses.

    Wow. Maybe the Marc Anthony comment came from someone who doesn’t like your column. I don’t think you look like Skeletor. Oh, and I’ve gotten the “you look Asian” comment. Filipina comes up once in a while.

    Callie Torres is a good compliment!

    Teri has NOT aged well. It’s all makeup and botox. I think you’re better looking than her. The show was called Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. I was a big fan.

    PR Mom,
    Does he wear the shades all the time too?

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  13. Ernie Ureno says:

    Your Pops totally looks like Chavez in these pictures. I’ve heard my share of that I look like Jeff Goldblum. I heard it most recently about two weeks ago on one of the military bases here in Germany.

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