Clumsy in NY

Either I’m just clumsy, or New York hates me.

First, I hit my head while getting in to the cab. I tried not to look at it as an omen and just the result of misjudgment on my part.

Today, I smashed my finger on the gate of the elevator. It’ one of those old school elevators. It has a gate and a single door (like you’d use to open your bedroom or house). It’s a hassle, especially when you have your luggage with you.

I almost cried — form the pain, frustration and home-sickness — in the cab, but reminded myself that it would smear my mascara.

The past day and a half hasn’t been all bad. I presented a paper on UC admissions with my co-worker in a roundtable format, met up with some friends and didn’t get lost. Later, I had dinner with Sean, watched Lost and narrowly beat my host at Rock Band (actually, it was a draw, but I did beat him at the last song, Creep). I left Harlem for Union Square where the Hispanic Special Interest Group of the AERA was hosting a party. I saw friends I rarely (if ever) see at UCLA and met some new people.

I hope the next few days here are injury free.

Cross your fingers.


8 thoughts on “Clumsy in NY

  1. lo says:

    head to the magnolia bakery for a homemade cupcake and latte…among my favorite places to slow down and catch my breath in nyc 🙂

  2. tremaine says:

    *fingers crossed*

    but, i’m clumsy everywhere. at least you don’t have that to worry about.

  3. Seanathan,
    Yeah, yeah, yeah… I’m training for the re-match. I was playing Guitar Hero at home on Sunday. I got a 97% on a song (forgot the title) on the hard level. Go me.

    No Crumbs for me. I did have a cupcake from Buttercup. I didn’t really like it, and I spilled hot chocolate on my jeans and the floor in the lobby of my hotel. Oops. Seanathan was there to witness my clumsiness.

    Alas, no Magnolia either. I slowed down by simply heading back to my hotel room.

    No hot dog. I actually started to feel kinda sick when I was out and about or heading to the conference. All the smells (hot dogs included) made me feel queasy.

    I was cool until Friday when I spilled hot chocolate on my jeans. Luckily, I didn’t burn myself.

    The hot chocolate incident (see above) occurred a little while after our lunch. At least a crane wasn’t involved. Yikes.

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