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March Madness

Josh Shipp UCLA freshman center, Kevin Love

Back in late December, I attended a UCLA basketball game with my friend Eligio at the storied Pauley Pavilion. UCLA handedly beat UC Davis. Eligio and I stayed afterward to talk to some people and try and get photos with some of the star players like Josh Shipp (junior, guard/foward) and Kevin Love (freshman, center).

UCLA plays Texas A&M tonight in the second round of the NCAA tournament. UCLA is seeded first in the West and Texas A&M is ten. From what I’ve read, the Aggies are a team with a lot of big guys who play in a physical and aggressive manner (LAT pre-game story). The game will be a challenge, but I know UCLA has a very strong team.

I packed my UCLA hoodie specifically because I wanted to represent while I was in Texas and New York during the beginning of the tournament. I may be in hostile territory right now, but I’ll proudly wear my UCLA hoodie as I explore more of Houston.

Go Bruins!


3 thoughts on “March Madness

  1. Wow!!! those dudes are hella tall! UCLA represent! Houston is a hellavu lot better than San Antonio let me tell you! Have a great time, but be careful! You didnt leave the Eastside LA scene to get shot in Texas! ya heard!

  2. I don’t even care about basketball, and I may have moved to Golden Bears territory, but the Bruins will forever and always be my team. And to think I was never a student! It’s my dad’s fault. 🙂 I will always proudly wear my UCLA sweatshirt in Berkeley.

    U-C-LLLLLL-A! U-C-L-A, fight fight FIGHT!

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