The fist call was like the first email: short and sweet.

I answered the phone as I was on my way out of the parent’s house. I usually don’t go on Wednesday evenings, because I’d be sitting in traffic longer than I’d actually be at home. However, Adrian and Lori were holding their last BBQ Wednesday night dinner and I couldn’t miss out.

We didn’t talk too much. I’d hung up before even getting to the 10/60 interchange (about 15 minutes away). He had to prepare things for work the next day. “I’ll call you before I return to LA on Friday,” he said as we said our goodbyes.


On Thursday evening, I went to a cheese party hosted by some friends from my program. Everyone took some fancy, stinky cheese. I picked up some queso fresco at La Superior while I was at home the night before. I also packed along some aguacate and tortillas because queso fresco doesn’t go well with crackers.

Sometime during the party, I heard my phone ring. It was him. Eek!

I slipped out to the small garden/courtyard at my friend’s apartment complex so I could have some privacy and quiet.

This time, the call wasn’t short. If he didn’t have to go to work the next day and my cell phone battery was not dying, I could have talked to him for hours. We made plans to go to a comedy show with the mutual contact, the Saturday night party hostess and several of her friends on Sunday night.

By the time I hung up with him, the party had died down and the last guests were leaving. I grabbed what was left of my cheese and tortillas, said goodbye to the hostess, and walked with N to his truck.

As we walked to the truck, I heard a beep in my bag. I had a text message.

Talking to u was the perfect end to my day

I swooned. Seriously. If Yeah-Yeah was around, he’d be calling me out like he called out Squints, “Yeah, yeah! You was swooning!”

I showed N the message. Although he’s prone to crass jokes and “that’s what she said” comments, even he couldn’t suppress an “aww.”

“What should I say? Something funny?” I asked.

“No, keep it sweet,” he suggested.

“Okay,” I said as I switched the predictive text from English to Spanish and typed out my one word response.



14 thoughts on “Queso

  1. Sweet. Having recently been the recipient of such text messages I totally get how thrilling those first calls and texts can be. Enjoy them! And I hope things work out as you’d like.

  2. now I think that his initial not asking for your number was just his way of making you wonder and build your anticipation… the man is a genius!

  3. I often find it incredible how a little device like a phone can change our demeanor in less than 1.5 seconds. Technology is amazing!

  4. terri says:

    So is he from Pico Rivera?…I live in Montebello would’nt it be funny if I knew the guy…FYI I’ve been married 15 years and I still remember how fun those first years were….Show a pic whenever you get one.

  5. Cindy, you should carry cheese with you everywhere. Maybe he called you because of the cheese?

    Queso fresco + chicarrones + tortilla de maíz = Mmmmm. Hahaha.

    Oh, how I miss food.

  6. Sometimes I think we are related… I love that you make Sandlot references!

    New relationships are so exciting. Swoon away!

    By the way, I’m going to Opening Day! Go Dodgers!

  7. A cheese party? I didn’t even know they had those. My family would get first prize for sure. My aunts and uncles, whenever they go back home, always bring back this hard stiiinnkky cheese. I mean it stinks up the whole house. All of us american raised kids are like ‘ah man, that stinks’. But when my uncles come visit they walk in and say, ‘ah que rico!’. LOL. Worst of all my dad hangs it from the kitchen roof. It lasts months.

  8. Patricia,
    Thanks. I’m having fun just writing about it.

    Haha. If that was his intention, then it worked.

    I haven’t even gotten to the drama… dun dun dun!

    It didn’t really change my demeanor all that much, but it did accentuate my giddiness.

    Nope. The Saturday night party hostess lives in Pico Rivera.

    Yeah! They liked the cheese. I had a pretty big piece and there was about half of it left. There was a lot of cheese, so everyone was just sampling them.

    That could be stinky.

    Yay for opening day! I’m gonna try and get tix for the exhibition game when they play the Red Sox at the Coliseum (3/29).

    I’m sure Adrian had some pretty good game.

    Yeah, you know us odd grad students. It wasn’t a competition, just an excuse to get together, eat cheese (and some other food) and drink.

  9. Veronica says:

    Lol I love reading about your “Galan” …reminds me of my single years.. ahhh cant wait to see ( read)what happens next!

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