Valentine’s Day Cards by Rio (new for ’08)

I don’t have a Valentine this year which means I don’t have to worry about finding the perfect card and gift. And I also don’t have to pretend to like some gift that will just collect dust in the corner. (No, I’m not bitter. Really.)

But Valentine’s Day isn’t only for those in relationships. Single folks can celebrate like we did in elementary school: by passing out silly cards, drinking punch and eating heart-shaped sugar cookies.

This year, I’ll pass out Rio Yañez’s great cards once again. Rio’s new set of cards feature dramatic duos like Biggie and Tupac, Frida and Diego, and Dylan and Brenda as well as some iconic figures.

Rio encourages you to share the cards with “your friends, enemies, shorties, sanchos, and booty calls.” Just make sure they’ll appreciate the genius of a card featuring Antonio Gonzalez declaring that he’d “lie under oath for you.”

To check out more of the new cards and some from Valentine’s Day 2007, go to the flickr set, Rio’s blog or click the image above.


6 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Cards by Rio (new for ’08)

  1. These are firme!…we’re on the same boat I don’t have a valentine either but I’m gonna pass these out to friends. I like the “Your lucha riffic” tambien the “blood in blood out” Gracias!!!

  2. why not come down to the downtown artwalk tomorrow and come on by crewest gallery for the “fatally yours” show “a show featuring work by artists disheartened with Valentine’s Day.” and maybe meet your future valentine.

  3. R. says:

    this is the first time I’ve ever “celebrated” Valentimes. I’m terribly apathetic toward the date and despite this, someone managed to set me up on a blind date.


    wish me luck.

  4. I’ve not celebrated
    I’ve half celebrated
    I recognize it is all for the benefit of the greeting card industry
    But this year I’m in deep, she got me like that.

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