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Question of the week: Swoon

I currently do not have a crush.

Anyone who has known me for more than a minute knows this is weird. Chispa noted after I posted my 100 facts that in the nearly 10 years we’ve known each other, she’s never known me not to have a crush. Well, that was because most of the time we’ve known in each other, I was actually meeting lots of eligible young men. These days, most of the guys I interact with are ethically off-limits (married fellow grad students, undergrads in the program I work with). I just don’t get out that much.

I love crushes. Well, not the aspects that suck. You know, getting nervous around him and trying to analyze all his mixed signals (which you later learned weren’t mixed, but you just made things more complicated).

I love the beginning of the crush. I miss realizing that I like him and maybe he likes me too. That feeling makes me giddy. I’ve even been known to swoon, just ask anyone who was around late last summer when I met my last crush. It’s a nice feeling and I miss it. I think I might even be addicted to that feeling (which makes a lot of sense if you listen to Radiolab’s This is Your Brain On Love episode from last August).

I think I got addicted to it after my first crush. I was in first grade. My crush, Juan, was in second grade. Yes, he was Mexican and short. No, he did not have a goatee. I don’t know any seven year old who can grown facial hair. I liked Juan enough to get self-conscious about my appearance. The bad aspects of crushes start early on! I worried that he wouldn’t like me because my mom made me wear my hair in two trenzas (braids). I thought the trenzas made me look like a baby — nevermind that at 6 years old I was still a baby.

I don’t remember why I stopped liking Juan, but 20 years later, I’m going to blame the demise of my crush on my older brother. Danny and Juan became really good friends. (In fact, they’re still good friends after 20+ years.) At six, I understood that siblings’ friends were off-limits, or at the very least weird. Naturally, I stopped liking Juan. Instead, I became friends with Juan and when I was 14 I asked him to be one of the chambelanes in my quinceañera. It’s been a while since I’ve seen Juan, but he’s since had a child and gotten married.

La Pregunta: Do you remember your first crush? Tell me about him/her.


8 thoughts on “Question of the week: Swoon

  1. chispa says:

    I don’t remember my first *crush* but i remember my first “boyfriend.” I was in first grade, his name was Hugo. Hugo said we shouldn’t tell anyone ab/ our relationship, that we could tell our family, but that’s it. So I went home and as my mom was ccoking dinner I made my annoucement. “Tengo novio, se llama Hugo” I proclaimed. Well, my mom turned to me and said that I was too young for that and that I had to concentrate on learning, NOT having a novio. That ended my relationship with “Hugo.” From there on forward, I concentrated on being a good student =D (ja ja)

  2. chidolitis says:

    I used to like this girl in 1st grade named Lauren. I told her straight up. You know back in the day, without the concept of insecurities. Unfortunately she didn’t feel the same way. Haha, unrequited love, what a burn no?

  3. Gabbo says:

    Wow, first grade seems like the grade to be in… mine was also in 1st grade. His name was Adrian. He kissed me once (on the cheek). He moved away in the 3rd grade. We were still in the same class, and I pretended to be glad he was moving. You know, because boys had cooties. (Right…)
    LOL at Liz…

  4. AJ says:

    My first crush was also in 1st grade. His name was Alex and we were pretty much inseparable that whole year. He had blonde hair, blue eyes, and a Joey Lawrence bowl cut that I thought was pretty hot at the time. He went to a different school after 1st grade so that crush was pretty short-lived…but it opened the door for Scott in 2nd. That one is still going strong, of course ;P

  5. Momo says:

    Oscar in pre-k (!) Started early I guess. He was Vietnamese. So cute. But he was a player, hugging all the girls in the class–that made me so mad >o/ But he told me I was his only real girlfriend and that I was the prettiest. So I fell for the playa, and that pretty much set the tone for a the rest of my more grown-up relationships–until now ;o)

  6. Santiago says:

    I remember my first crush. She has been coming back to me lately. She came to me in a dream. Her name was Alma. She was in my grammar school. We actually kissed and did the whole bf/gf thing, but I went to bilingual classes and she stayed in regular. *sigh* I went to crush on her for like 8 yrs.

  7. Cuauhtli says:

    Yes I do. When I lived in Monterrey Park there was this Japanese girl named Natsuko…WOW, you’re taking me back, great subject. I feel so nostalgic. I wish I was seven years old again–at least for a day. I haven’t thought about her in a LOOOONG time. Thanks.

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