The big switch

On Friday, I bought a 13″ black MacBook.

It was weird. I wasn’t just buying a new laptop. I was making the switch from a PC to a Mac. I’ve been wanting to do this for awhile, and still don’t know why I didn’t buy a MacBook a few years ago when I was in the market for a laptop. That laptop, my trusty LifeBook is currently out of commission. Luckily, I have 99% of my files backed up and my main concern in switching to a Mac is about my iPod.

Oso, my favorite globe trotting blogger, believes owning a MacBook will make me more popular. Who knows, maybe I’ll even get my own fan club.

Photo by Oso (his flickr photostream)


13 thoughts on “The big switch

  1. If your iPod was formatted for Windows then you should have absolutely no problem using it on the Mac.

    Hmmmm… A built in webcam on the laptop.. The fun you could have….

  2. Congrats on making the switch! Switching my music from my PC to my Mac was my biggest hassle, but it’s totally doable. I don’t remember exactly how I did, though.

  3. Eventually you’ll make the switch to Linux, and you’ll never have to worry about buying software again. You can install it on a Mac or a PC, just saying.

  4. AJ says:

    Welcome to the Mac club! They are great computers. I still have an old school iBook G3 (the one with the clamshell case that came in fun fashion colors) that I love.

  5. welcome to the mac world. before you reformat your ipod to mac, download senuti, it will hold all your music and then you can drag it to itunes. that’s what i did when i switched from pc. YOu will have to reformat you ipod and loose your music.

  6. when i made the switch to mac, my friend told me it was “more sexy” and all the cute girls in the coffee shops have macs. i’m still waiting for my newfound fame as “cute academic brown girl heart throb” to come to fruition…3 years later. 😉

  7. Have you moved all your music from your pc to your Mac? If not, you can use a program called Broken Helix to get them from your Ipod to your computer. Good times!

  8. I give El Chavo a big ‘¡eso! when it comes to running linux…but of course those Apple Computers sure are pretty looking. I use a Mac at work and run all these applications that came out of Linux that work fine on a Mac: such as, mozilla firefox, the GIMP, and Pidgin(Adium on MAC).

    But nonetheless, welcome to the secure world of unix-like operating systems.

  9. Jeff,
    I had no problems. I’ve already started taking pictures with photobooth. It’s too much fun.

    The switch hasn’t been a hassle at all, though I still need to learn how to add accents to Spanish words.

    I’d be totally down to doing it, but I’d want someone to do it for me.

    Haha. I still have to use a PC at work.

    Sin Fronteras,
    Gracias. I feel like I’m joining some club or something.

    The colors for the old iBooks were so cute. I remember when the iMacs were introduced. I wanted one.

    I didn’t have to do any reformatting for the iPod. The switch has been very smooth thus far.

    Steve Jales,
    Cute name. I can’t afford a MacBook Air. Plus, it’s so small I’d be afraid of losing it!

    I’ll have to see if I’m more popular at the cafe I frequent. The most popular guy there was a Mac user.

    Nope, not yet. 99% of my music is on my external drive. I think I’ve imported about 50% of it. I don’t know if I need it all on my computer though.

    Man, you guys make me want to be a Linux user even more. I already use Firefox and Adium (what’s GIMP?).

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