Venting 1.0

Note: originally posted at my blog… but I have issues. Sigh.

Every single time I check my blog, it looks different. Sometimes it is completely blank, other times it looks like it should, and ohter times it’s somewhere in between.

This is frustrating. I miss being able to publish to my colorful and personalized blog. Even without the technical difficulty, I know I had slowed down a lot. I hardly ever post over at blogging.la. I miss the sense of community of blogging, the tongue in cheek comments, the battle of wits from the Chicano corner, making fun of HP in “public” (I do it over IM all the time), and the words of wisdom from folks like Frances.

That’s all the venting for now. I really need to get back to being a student and reading Pierre Bordieu’s Distinction. It is time’s like these when I both love/hate the fact that the difficult part of my “job” as a full-time student means reading sociology classics translated from French. I’m lucky that hard is reading long sentences (what I’d call paragraphs) from a guy who loves commas and hates periods.


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