Apartment 3

Isa mentioned moving out first.

“I’m looking to buy a house,” she told me. “I’ve got a realtor and everything.”

I was impressed and a little sad for what the near-future would bring, the end of five and half years of living together.

Adja gave her notice next.

“I need to move out. I’ll be returning to Senegal soon to visit my mom.”


“Probably at the end of the year.”

The end of the year came and went, but Adja stuck around and moved out at the end of January, right around the time Isa put in a bid for a house. Adja left cards for both Isa and me thanking us for more than four years of drama-free leaving.

And I was left wondering what to do.

Should I go for change and move east or stay on the Westside?
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Cultura, Escuela

One of these days…

I’m going to get back in to danza.


I attended the SACNAS conference in Anaheim. I was there primarily for Job2 in which I do research on undergraduate and graduate students in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Students and co-workers from Job1 were there too and it was a nice opportunity to get to know them better even though I’ve known some of them for 4+ years now. I really enjoyed the conference and it made me even more excited for my dissertation.

The conference ends with a pow wow open to conference attendees as well as the public. Even though I was tired from a long day of traipsing around the Anaheim Convention Center and learning more about STEM education (in practice), I decided to stay. I like pow wows. I love the dancing, drumming, beautiful and intricate regalia, the representation of a rich cultural tradition and an opportunity to buy all kinds of beautiful jewelry.

I had the most fun at this pow wow, even though there were no frybread vendors, because I joined in on the dancing. I even tried to do what I remembered from my danza days during the intertribal.