Pregnancy by the numbers

Pregnancy by the numbers

40 Weeks & Counting

41 weeks: current status. That makes me a week a late.

Walking one of my old favorite running routes. The hills never felt so tough.

5: miles walked today in an effort to get the show on the road

26: pounds gained; doctor wanted me within the 15-25 pound range

9: weeks along when I bought/was given new bras for Christmas

17.5: weeks along when I bought my first pair or maternity jeans. I bought three more pairs.

4: maternity t-shirts or tank tops purchased. I was able to use pre-pregnancy tops or non maternity clothes in larger sizes.

1: maternity dress purchased. I lucked out when I learned that my mom had saved some of my clothes from before I lost weight 4 years ago. I gave her some of the clothes in better condition to give away, but she kept it. These outfits came in handy late in pregnancy. It also helped that my workplace is pretty casual so I didn’t need to get slacks or skirts.

Negotiations are ongoing

10: names on the short lists for both boys and girls

2: names shared by members of The Roots

16: visits with my Ob/Gyn

1.6: miles from our apartment to the doctor’s office/hospital

Getting monitored - all was okay

2: unexpected trips to labor and delivery triage due to bleeding and lightheadedness. The latter was probably thanks to the whooping cough vaccine.

Baby Care Basics

4: classes with Gwen, a health education nurse, on labor and delivery, caring for the baby, breast feeding and post partum care.

2: Saturday mornings spent in prepared childbirth classes.

23 weeks (almost): when I first felt him move

Best of Both Worlds

12 (at least): baby clothing items with Dodgers logos printed on them

0: Yankees gear

In my defense, they were on sale.

3: pairs of Spider-Man shoes

Punk and hip hop baby (ain't nothing to f*** with)

3: baby showers for Meatball (one hosted by my family; one was a small surprise at work on my last day; and one was at Sean’s office)

1: baby shower we did not attend. Sean’s parents hosted a baby shower in NY. We tried to Skype in, but there were technical difficulties.

8: bump photos posted to my Instagram account

Not a craving

0: legitimate cravings or food aversions

16: ice cream sandwiches consumed. I wouldn’t call it a craving, just something that sounded good.

Where I ended up on my lunch time walk/break. Sorry @thenameisalexis.

1: ice cream sandwich from Diddy Riese

Familia, Fotos

Lazy Saturdays, sorta

“You know, this is likely our last lazy Saturday morning doing nothing in bed together,” Sean said as we watched cartoons (Adventure Time and Justice League) following a late breakfast.

The past few weekends have been low key since we’re not making many plans, but earlier in the summer and spring we were driving around Southern California for family events and preparing for Meatball’s arrival.


Meme sings "Aprovéchate"

Waiting for Café Tacvba @vureno902 @seanathan

Sean and I met up with the cousins for Café Tacuba at the Glass House in Pomona. I’ve seen Café Tacuba a few times with Rene, but this was the first time I’ve been to a concert with Vanny and Junior. Rene represented us in the pit while the rest of caught the show from further back. Even before pre-pregnancy I wasn’t up for the craziness of the pit. Rubén, Meme, Joselo and Quique put on a great show. I’m happy I got to see them perform songs from the new album (favorites are “Olita del Altamar” and “Aprovéchate”) as well as my old favorites. Unfortunately, I left during the encore because I started feeling lightheaded and had another one of my dizzy spells.

Getting the bebe's room ready. #nesting #thirdtrimester #watchingpaintdry

Sean on furniture assembly duty

Still a work in progress, but almost ready

After choosing a color, Sean and I painted the nursery. He took the lead on putting together the furniture and other baby items we bought or were gifted. We’d been using the closet for storage.
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The 25th comes and goes

Is The Baby Here?

July 25th is my due date. As expected, baby Meatball was not born today. I’m not sure he’ll be here any time soon as there have been no signs that my body is prepping for labor.

In an ideal world, I’d have a baby in my arms. I’d also be exhausted and trying to get the hang of breastfeeding. There’d be a stack of dirty diapers in the Diaper Champ and I’d have a blow out story or two. Or maybe I’d be in the family care unit with Sean and a rotation of visitors coming in to meet Meatball.

I say it’s ideal because I wouldn’t feel like I’m “wasting” my maternity leave. But this time to focus on me, Sean and getting ready isn’t a waste.

So far, it’s been quite relaxing especially since I get to sleep in. I’ve added more to my recent reads list. First, Where’d You Go, Bernadette by Maria Semple. I first heard about Bernadette when Melissa, the Feminist Texican reviewed it in December. I was reminded to pick it up after a recent mention on NPR as a great summer read. Melissa’s recommendation was enough since I really liked the last two novels I read based on her reviews. Bernadette didn’t let down. It’s a fun read and I enjoyed the unusual format.

Now I’m reading Francisco Goldman’s memoir-ish Say Her Name: A Novel. The novel is based on his relationship with his wife, Aura, who passed away in a swimming accident on July 25, 2007. It reminds me a little of a Love Is A Mixtape: Life and Loss One Song as a Time since they’re both written by a widower following the unexpected death of a young wife except the former does it through literature rather than music.

I’ve been pampering myself. I got my haircut and dyed since the colors were off and my grays were coming in. I’m generally lazy about covering up my roots, but I rush to get it done before a big event. A new baby — and lots of photos with the baby and Sean — seems like a good reason. I got a pedicure too and finally used the gift certificate Sean gave me for a prenatal massage with Becca at Booda Belly.

I don’t think the nesting instinct has actually kicked in. Instead, I felt the usual need to straighten up my apartment as if I knew I’d be having guests. My mom and sister have helped out with washing Meatball’s clothes, towels and blankets. They’re all put away and arranged nicely in his nursery just waiting to be worn/used. My mom also offered to come over and do deep cleaning. She’s awesome.

The best part of being on leave is living in yoga pants and sports bras. It’s too hot for maternity jeans.


40 Weeks

Fine. Okay. Good.

Those are my standard responses to questions from friends and family about how I’m feeling, at least physically.

I don’t feel uncomfortable, the nausea I had a few weeks ago went away, I generally sleep 8-10 hours a night, and I still have a good amount of energy to run errands and get our home in order for Meatball’s arrival.

The nurse at my doctor’s office last week said my face doesn’t look like I’m ready to have a baby. I didn’t know what that meant until I told my mom. She agreed and said one can tell when women look like they’re over with pregnancy. The massage therapist I saw yesterday echoed the same sentiment.

Mentally, I feel nervous about labor and all that comes with it. I told Sean that it scares me, but not as much as caring for a newborn and being a mom. At least there are professionals looking over me during labor, it will last X hours, and there are ways to deal with the worst of the pain. The recovery will be shorter and easier than adjusting to our new lives and figuring out motherhood.

One thing I don’t say is “ready.”

Patiently Waiting for Meatball

Sean’s take on feeling “ready to officially not be ready” for fatherhood.

Familia, Fotos

Number 36

Happy anniversary, Mom and Dad! Thanks for giving me an excuse to post some more wedding photos.

The parents


I don’t know what song Fabiola is singing, but they seem to be enjoying it. In another photo, dad looks like he’s singing along. I bet he was.

Listening to the toast

Dad has the pose down.

Still no baby. Feeling fine.


A different sort of countdown

It feels weird to answer that I’m due in X days when anyone asks. It’s no longer months or even weeks.

Six days. A week.

At least technically. I know it can still be weeks. The “any day now” mentality is tough for me. I’m not the most organized planner, but I do like calendars and knowing how much time I have to prepare. The fact that life is going to change for Sean and I and we don’t know exactly when is tough to wrap my head around especially less than a year after we planned our wedding.

This time last year we were sending out wedding invitations. @seanathan

Last July we were tracking RSVPs and in the final two months of wedding prep. We still had a lot of planning to do in mid-July, but we knew that we would be getting married on September 15th.

It’s not like that with Meatball. He can show up on the 25th — highly unlikely — or days/weeks before or after. Who knows.

Papá Chepe - we might steal his birthday

My mom has her hopes set on the 29th so he can be the first of Papá Chepe’s dozens of children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren to share his birthdate. I thought it would be neat if he shared Sean’s birthday. Sean didn’t think so. Maybe he’ll be a 31st baby like me or he’ll show up on his grandparents’ 36th wedding anniversary.

Whatever the day, I have a feeling it will be like the lyrics in “Las Mañanitas.”

El día en que tú naciste
Nacieron todas las flores

(On the day you were born
All the flowers blossomed)

They’ll ring truer than ever.