Re-coloring my roots

“It’s been nine months since I’ve seen you,” Elenita said.

I just nodded my head and did the math. I knew it hadn’t been that long since I’d had my mom make an appointment with her stylist. Still, it had been months. I go six months between touch-ups, not six weeks.

I waver on my acceptance of my canas (grays), or my natural highlights. For summer, and an upcoming wedding, I wanted an even, dark brown tone, pretty much my natural color. I also was getting tired of the comments from the ladies at the nail salon.

The grays will be back. They’re pretty damn persistent.


June haiku: graduations and gloom

Old adage rings false
If opposites did attract
He’d be less awesome

Bus moves through Westwood
At incredibly slow pace
I could run faster

Clouds block the sunshine
Others complain ’bout the weather
Not me, love June gloom

Jordan rides around
On his brand new black scooter
Wish I had one too

My one girly splurge
Getting frequent pedicures
Must take care of feet

Family cheers loud
As Vanny, in cap and gown,
Receives diploma

Warned him to stay far
But he still stole some kisses
Now he’s got a cold

Familia, Fotos

Twenty-five years

Family portrait, 1986

Ten things I like about this family portrait from 1986:

  1. Adrian barely fits in his clothes. He was a fat baby.
  2. Lori and I are wearing matching dresses. I think they were homemade. Our earrings arracadas jerezanas, match too.
  3. My parents look great. No surprise there.
  4. Neither Danny nor I are smiling. I’m pretty sure I was trying to hide my messed smile.
  5. My color. I’m sure no one looked at me as a kid and wondered why I was such a lighter shade of brown than my siblings. (Really, people have asked me this.)
  6. There’s only a slight hint of gray in my dad’s hair. I forgot what he looked like with dark hair.
  7. My mom is rocking the ’80s perm and big hair.
  8. Lori’s bob blends in to my dad’s jacket.
  9. Danny looks like he’s up to no good. Not a big surprise, since he broke a lot of stuff in our house growing up. (Have I told you about the time he and his friend decided to have a fight with the balls from our pool table and I got caught in the cross fire? Ouch.)
  10. The Olan Mills tag at the bottom. We took a lot of portraits at Olan Mills.

I think we’re still a good looking bunch.


June haiku: part 1

The birthday boy

Not so good at catch
Lots of missed balls and close calls
This time, no shiners

Finish run past ten
Doesn’t matter, met our goals
Deserves a high five

Make enchiladas
Use corn tortillas, of course
That’s the only way

Price Is Right taping
Hoped to win a car or cash
Never got a chance

Drove 40 miles east
Just to be there for a friend
Said sorry, gave hugs

Unclear on concept
Kids tap piñata softly
Must wait for candy

Lots of Breaking Bad
On sick day that kept me home
Tummy issues suck

Los Angeles, Música

Cheap dates


Every summer I check out the schedule for my favorite concert series and pick out the shows I’d like to attend. Invariably, I don’t make it to half those shows. I get lazy, and don’t feel like packing snacks, chairs or blankets, driving across town, finding free parking, etc. When I don’t let work or other obligations get in the way, I get out and enjoy some free entertainment and a cheap date.

If you need to save your pennies, but don’t want to stay home, you’re in luck, I’ve compiled a list of [mostly] free concert series at local parks and museums. It’s not exhaustive, so feel free to add others in the comments. Check back in a few weeks, some these schedules are not online yet!


En La Noche Summer Series
Museum of Latin American Art, Long Beach
The En La Noche series features local DJs. It’s free for museum or KCRW members. If not, it’s $10 admission.

Grand Performances
California Plaza, Downtown LA
The GP series features music, dance, film and shows in the evening as well as noon on Fridays.

Hammer Presents
The Hammer features the Also I Like to Rock and Jazzpop concert series along with speakers and films. Parking at the museum is $3 after 6 pm.

Latin Sounds by LACMA
Hancock Park
I’ve never checked this out because the series is on Saturday and I’m usually busy those days. Maybe this year I’ll get out to Hancock Park.

Levitt Pavilion, MacArthur Park
The Levitt Pavilion series at MacArthur Park and in Pasadena feature concerts Thursday through Sunday. Each night is a different theme (e.g., family/kids night, roots, Latin). There’s really something for everyone.

Levitt Pavilion, Pasadena
I’ve never been out to Levitt Pavilion in Pasadena. It’s far enough (with traffic) that going on a weeknight can be more trouble than it’s worth. However, I don’t want to miss Girl In A Coma on Thursday (June 30th) and Ximena Sariñana with Carla Morrison (July 21st).

Pershing Square Downtown Stage
Downtown LA
[Edit] The schedule was just posted today. 10,000 Maniacs will headline on July 30th. You can also catch some other throwback bands (Flock of Seagulls!).

Saturdays off the 405
The Getty Museum
Getting to the Getty may be a hassle this summer with construction on the 405. However, entrance at the museum is free as are the shows. You just have to pay for parking. It’s still a cheap date.

Summer Sunset Concerts
UCLA Fowler Museum
For the folks on the Westside!

Sunset Concerts
Skirball Center
The Sunset Concert series features music from around the world. I’ve never been to the Skirball Center despite it’s proximity. The Skirball is right off the 405, so make sure to check construction updates on the I-405 twitter page.

Twilight Dance Series
Santa Monica Pier
The Twilight series schedule isn’t online yet, but they usually have a variety of music each Thursday night. Even if you’re not too interested in the music, an evening on the beach with friends, food and drink (hidden, of course) is still a good time.