Familia, Fotos

Christmas Past: Big Bear (1985)

One year, my mom’s extended family rented a cabin in Big Bear. We spent Christmas Eve there (complete with a visit from Santa — er, tío Pancho) and opened up all kinds of cool gifts like an Etch-A-Sketch® and Rainbow Brite. The best gifts were waiting for us at home beside the fireplace.

There, we found two bicycles, one black and one pink (with a basket!). I was amazed and convinced that Santa brought the bikes while we were in the mountains.

That night, Danny and I rode our bikes down the block and back to test them out.

Familia, Fotos

Christmas Past: Las Tías (1983)

My family typically hosts the Nochebuena celebration at our home in Hacienda Heights. We’ve been doing this since at least 1983.

I love the expessions on my Madrina Chilo’s (holding the mug) and tía Eva’s faces. They look beautiful. My Madrina Chilo sort of reminds me of a Mexican actress from la época de oro. Also in the photo: my cousin Patty (holding the toy guitar), an unidentified girl, and Mamá Toni in the middle.

Familia, Fotos

Christmas Past: Danny and Santa (1983)

I went home this weekend partly out of necessity (brother’s birthday, laundry) and partly out of a simple desire to be around my parents, siblings, grandparents and VR (the dog). Plus, I was jealous of my sister’s texts and Facebook updates about the fire going in our fireplace.

Home feels like Christmas. The tree is up and decorated with lights, ornaments and some Christmas cards. The nacimiento (sans baby Jesus, of course) is in its place, but this year isn’t surrounded by the elaborate Santa’s village. Dad strung up the lights on Saturday and put up our stockings. There’s a wreath on the door. Two Christmas lists made by Adrian and Lori are on the fridge. And of course, we watched a Christmas movie (Four Christmases).

I don’t decorate my apartment much. I’m not even sure where I’ve placed my mini Christmas tree. Thus, I’ll decorate my blog with pictures of Christmas past.

(Sidenote: judging from Hollywood movies, I’d assume that all white people dread spending time with their families during the holidays.)


What’s new? Five things

Earl Watson vs. Baron Davis

Yes, I’m still in school
I had a set deadline for making solid progress academically. I missed it. I’m actually okay with it because I have made progress thanks to my writing group. In my head, my dissertation sounds great, it even sounds great when I explain it to people. A friend joked, “I’d actually read that, not just skim it.”

Baseball is over, but I still pay attention to my LA teams
I went to my first NBA game on Saturday night. I watched the Clippers beat the Indiana Pacers. Not very exciting, right? Not for me. The game was a match up of two late ’90s UCLA standouts and current/former crushes Baron Davis (owner of my second favorite beard) and Earl Watson. Alan joked that what was an insignificant game to most was my dream match up.

I still travel a lot. These days, my trips are much less taxing. After spending a good chunk of Friday either on a plane (listening to an interview with Jason Reitman), on the way to/from an airport, or in the airport, I returned to a chilly LA. That evening, I started my mini-George Clooney movie weekend with Up In the Air. The next day, I watched The Men Who Stare at Goats. I recommend both films.

Let’s go shopping (my sister had this board game… oh gender roles)
I thought I’d like shopping more now that clothes fits. I don’t. Don’t get me wrong, I love looking at clothes online, but just don’t like being in stores, trying to find my size (or figure out my size as it changes a lot these days), trying on clothes, etc. I also simply dislike a lot of current trends. I completely understand why celebrities have stylists. I’d find it a lot easier to dress myself if someone just told me what to wear (and bought it for me too). [Hint, hint.]

Back to tumbling, many, many years later
I’m posting photos, songs, videos, links and other bits at my tumblr blog, 31 and other mini obsessions. See what I like. (I was inspired by Sean’s tumblr blog Sean Loves This.)